Shahid V

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Quality Manager

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A Quality professional seeking a position of Quality Director or manager with an organization which is customer satisfaction driven, where success and to be the best in class is a continuous goal and understood by every employee. Where senior management is proactive to welcome changes in business practices & processes to keep a step ahead of the competitors. Accountability of Each leader is clearly defined and their roles and conformity to Quality management systems are thoroughly understood if not in place then willing to commit to make it happen. Autonomy to make decisions and interact with all the disciplines for continuous improvement and elimination of waste is a given and the necessary tools & resources are available to accomplish the task. Importance of human dignity and integrity is understood top down. Where it is consistently acknowledged that people are most valuable asset of the organization.


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Illinois Institute of Technology Aircraft Design / Stress Analysis Bachelor Degree



1. Received the TQM award at SKF USA. 2. Rduced COPQ by 70 % at GKN. 3. Transformed manual mechanical inspection methods to automated inspections, increasing repeatability and 70% time reduction through out my career.

Companies I like:

General Electric Engines, Aviation & Energy, General Dynamics, Raytheon, Northrop grumman, Lockheed Martin, Honeywell, BAE, Westinghouse Electric and any tier one suppliers to Aerospace , Defense and Automotive prime contractors.


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1. Promoting quality achievement and performance improvement throughout the organization. 2. Develop, implement, communicate and maintain a quality plan to bring the Company’s Quality Systems and Policies into compliance with quality system requirements. 3. Effectively interact with Production and Development teams to maintain product supply and help introduce new products 4. Working with purchasing staff to establish quality requirements from external suppliers. 5. Ensuring compliance with national and international standards and legislation. (AS9100, ISO 9000-2008, TS 16949 and customer specific requirements.) 6. Considering the application of environmental and health and safety standards. 7. Agreeing upon with standards and establishing clearly defined quality methods for staff to apply. 8. Defining quality procedures in conjunction with operating staff. 9. Setting up and maintaining controls and documentation procedures. 10. Liaising with customer’s and third party auditors and ensuring the execution of corrective action and compliance with customer’s specifications. 11. Establishing standards of service for customers or clients. 12. Preparing clear explanatory documents such as customers’ charters. 13. Monitoring performance by gathering relevant data and producing statistical reports. 14. Organize and manage quality assurance function in close co-operation with the customers and with the Company’s Management team (Member of Management Team). 15. Identifying relevant quality-related training needs and delivering training. 16. Collating and analyzing performance data and charts against defined parameters. 17. Ensuring tests and procedures are properly understood, carried out and evaluated and that product modifications are investigated if necessary. 18. Supervising technical staff in carrying out tests and checks. 19. Writing technical and management systems reports. 20. Bringing together staff of different disciplines and driving the group to plan, formulate and agree upon comprehensive quality procedures. 21. Persuading reluctant staff to change their way of working to incorporate quality methods. 22. Manage and maintain the Company’s quality inspection and product release programs for incoming and in-process materials and components, processes and finished goods. 23. Formulate and manage the development and implementation of goals, objectives, policies, procedures and systems pertaining to the QA/QC. 24. Maintaining awareness of the business context and company profitability, including budgetary control issues. 25. Assessing the product specifications of the company and its suppliers, and comparing with customer requirements. 26. Maintains safe and ethical business practices, and adheres to Company's quality policy. 27. Manages the quality engineering function to meet Company goals and customer expectations. 28. Plan, manage and assist the team execute the internal audits to assure compliance to the company quality management systems (AS9100C, ISO 9000-2008 and the customer specific requirements) and facilitate the third party audits. 29. Incorporates Lean initiatives in support of overall Group production, optimization and Quality initiatives. 30. Facilitate Design and Process failure mode Analysis. 31. Oversee and assist in actual failure analysis for customer turn backs due to infant mortality and field failures. 32. Ensures Associates participate in continuous improvement efforts and are trained to comply with quality system requirements. 33. Provides ongoing communications and support to Plant Management toward attainment of company objectives. 34. Investigates, identifies and executes cost effective solutions to various technically related non-conformance problems so that the customers’ needs are satisfied; directs, plans and implements a comprehensive quality system designed to improve product quality and increase customer satisfaction. 35. Directs the preparation of Quality Control Instructions and the training of the Quality Support Group and assistance of operations when applicable to the assignment. 36. Provide quality metrics that includes internal production and delivered good s to the customer. 37. Prepares qualification protocols in accordance to the internal or customer defined design criteria. 38. Manage subordinates in a manner that fosters a self-directed team approach. 39. Works with external customers and vendors to resolve technical design or manufacturability issues. 40. Provides training and mentoring in Quality improvements techniques to upgrade Associate skills, increase awareness, and improve productivity. 41. Establishes and manages departmental strategic plans, tactical plans, and budgets. 42. Ensures interdepartmental coordination. Works with project managers to develop project schedules and resource allocation models for QA activities such as First Article validation for elecrto/mechanical configuration, Functional performance and Qualification testing.