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Hello I am Daniel Glenn and have been in the dialysis environment for fifteen years and have an Associates Degree of Bio-medical Electronics.Received a variety of Manufacturer Certifications. Presently doing Infusion pump repair for a large and growing company. I believe I am of a specialized group of individuals as myself in a wonderful and deserving field. Looking for an opportunity to advance my knowledge in the medical field to get to know a variety of medical equipment maintenance and repair and preventive maintenance and believe I am qualified to do so. Believe I can be an asset to a company that will just give me that opportunity. I 2014 Started repairing and calibrating Medical Infusion pumps with Infusystem broadening my medical abilities to learn and grow in a field I admire. For Many years since I graduated school I had always desired to perform my skills on all types of medical equipment keeping the desire to keep my mind and soul on helping others less fortunate than I when it came to their health. I have several mentors to credit for that. I tried to not get specialized due to the fact I felt I would be a better asset to a company if I had more exposure to a variety of equipment,the same still exists today. I am willing to work hard an do what I have to do to be a Bio-medical technician and finish my career in this field,but I am not willing to stop now nor in the near future. I just want an opportunity.


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Microcomputer Technology Institute Bio-medical Electronics 1989 Associate Degree



Certificate of Commendation by CNA Insurance Companies for achievement in accident control for one year without an OSHA Record able accident 1994. Certification of appreciation for outstanding service and contribution to Davita in 2000.

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Siemens, Baxter, Fresenius, DSI, Hill Rom, Hospitals


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Responsible for four Dialysis Clinics maintaining the water systems used for the patients dialysis treatments, all bedside dialysis machines for patient treatments. Parts inventory and ordering for all medical equipment. Patient televisions,chairs and facility safety and repair. Training of Nursing staff on operating policies and procedures of the medical equipment. Electrical safety checks of all equipment incoming to meet electrical safety standards required. Performing all preventive maintenance and calibrations,and repair. Assure that all OSHA and AMMI policies and procedures were followed and trained all staff as to the state guidelines. Backup for other Technicians when needed.