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SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS Accomplished IT professional with over 20 years of experience in database administration in enterprise systems environment with demonstrated hands-on experience in provisioning, implementing, security, optimizing, and supporting mission critical database applications life cycle for the public and private sectors. This includes administration of various releases of ORACLE and other Database Management Systems (DBMS) and technologies on disparate computing platforms. This includes prior 10 years of experience with IBM Mainframe, DB2 Database, and Data Centers. Achievements in the public sector include leveraging valuable IT knowledge and skills to support innovative and complex database technologies and solutions for Federal government mission-critical national security programs for the intelligence community the departments of Defense, State, Justice (FBI), and Homeland Security. Others are OPM, and IRS agencies. Enhanced critical national security and public safety programs. Possess Advanced Education and Training in IT related disciplines. Ability to help organizations leverage on valuable ORACLE Database Security Best Practices to meet critical Missions and Business objectives. Used High-level Security Clearances in protecting Data of various security classifications. Received Performance Awards and recognitions by Federal government agencies, and employers. Ability to support database systems and applications for government and commercial organizations. Reliable, analytic, effective oral and written communication skills, with ability to work independently and in a collaborative setting, and effectively communicate IT related issues to non-IT groups and management. Social Security Administration (SSA) SENIOR Principal Oracle Database Administrator (Sr. Oracle DBA) Oracle Database Security SME (4 months contract) Provide Oracle Database security SME support necessary to facilitate a platform migration project to Amazon AWS Cloud. Key Achievements * Installed and configured Oracle 12c Database (multitenant Pluggable) on Linux. * Implemented Oracle Advanced Security - Redaction Data Masking to protect classified and sensitive data. Responsible for the Operations and Maintenance (O&M) of enterprise database to support U.S. Department of Defense mission - critical GCOMS and HOTR (IT) programs. Ensuring High Availability Data Integrity Security Performance and Compliance of database life cycle. ORACLE DBA) Key Achievements * Installed and configured Oracle10g and 11g Databases on Linux and MS Windows platforms Upgraded Oracle10g Database to Oracle11g Database on Linux and Windows. * Evaluated requirements for Oracle 12c Database integration. Implemented Oracle11g Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) to satisfy new security requirements. * Developed SOP and SIP Documents for GCOMS Technical refresh and New 3.0 Applications Deployments. * Implemented a solution for Inter-agency Data Sharing capabilities * Maintained a Disaster Recovery and COOP capability with Oracle Advanced Replication and Data Guard. * Maintained Database Backups and Recovery leveraging Oracle RMAN Data Pump and SUN SAN RAID. * Analyzed/mitigated Oracle Database security vulnerabilities. Facilitated DISA Certification and Accreditation. * Reconfigured Production database Storage architecture to improve performance lowered Cost of Operations. Responsible for ORACLE DBA) leveraging Oracle Database technologies and IT best practices to accomplish new requirements for improvement of mission-critical Defense Intelligence Information Systems (DIIS). Analyzing DIA legacy Database systems and implementing solutions for High Availability Performance and compliance to DOD DISA security requirements for Certification and Accreditation of DIA Databases. Key Achievements Migrated standalone Oracle10g Databases to Oracle11g Database Cluster (RAC) on Unix/SUN Solaris. * Integrated Oracle 10g Data Guard STANDBY Database to facilitate COOP and Disaster Recovery. * Evaluated SOPs and recommended changes for improvement. * Developed reliable Oracle Database Backup strategy using RMAN Data Pump RAID storage technology Internal Revenue Service (IRS) ORACLE DBA) Providing Database support to a large-scale Modernization of the US Federal government's IRS Tax Information Systems. Analyzing and implementing Database requirements and accomplishing proof of concepts. Key Achievements Installed and configured Oracle9i/10g Databases for Production Test and Development systems. * Deployed database applications for new web-based portal environment design. Used Database Change Management (CM) CASE Tools including Integrated Package Build Promote Process. Providing ORACLE DBA) Oracle Database Administration to facilitate new PORTICO Program of U.S. Department of Defense (DOD). Supporting consolidated Defense Counter Intelligence Information Systems (DCIIS) and a new Tier- 4 Defense Counter Intelligence Data Center DCIDC. Collaborating with Oracle Corporation Consultants. Key Achievements Provided end-user Database Applications support to the Counter Intelligence (CI) communities. Installed configured and integrated Oracle9i Databases and Web-based Oracle9iAS Applications. * Collaborated with Oracle Consultants to ensure Database Design compliance with baseline requirements. * Led a team of five DBAs. Integrated REMEDY COTS. * Led final Deployment of PORTICO Oracle9iAiS Business Applications. * Transitioned PORTICO Applications for the U.S. Navy's NCIS and U.S. ARMY Intelligence systems. * Supported Training Databases for the Defense Joint-Counter-Intelligence Training Academy (JCITA). Mitigated Database security vulnerability achieved DOD Certification & Accreditation for CIFA. Providing IBM MAINFRAME) IBM Mainframe Best Practices to support Project Management and Technical capabilities for Integration of Automated Electronic Records Management (ERM) Systems and Digitization of U.S. Federal Government paper-based legacy (FERS and CERS) employee retirement applications. Key Achievements * Tracked and coordinated project requirements for ADABAS Database life cycle development. * Developed and used MS Access Database to facilitate management of software and hardware licenses.





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