Dacus H

Manufacturing Manager - Lean Leader - 17 years Experience - Houston, TX


Production Manager

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High School/GED

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I am looking to add my experience as Manufacturing Manager, Manufacturing Engineer, and LEAN practitioner to a strong Operations team. I am experienced at acquiring and maintaining ISO certification for manufacturing.


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Samuel Gompers General 1990 High School/GED Degree

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Book Lean Thinking media url Defining and identifying value in your processes and also eliminating the wasteful activities.
Book The Goal media url Theory of Constraints




ISO 9001:2008 Lead Auditor course completion Project Manager for ERP 4 month ERP implementation

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As a Manufacturing Engineer five of the past seven years, one of my primary responsibilities was to create, validate, and maintain the Bill of Materials (BOM) for manufacturing. I have the experience and expertise to read engineering drawings or blueprints and convert them into BOMs for manufacturing. I understand the different units of measure (UOM) which have a great impact on not only the BOM for manufacturing, but for the materials and procurement departments as well. I am experience in setting up multi-level BOMs, where sub-assemblies may be required. I understand the concepts and strategies of using multiple sub-assemblies and "phantom" sub-assemblies in BOMs, where needed. This strategy can increase production efficiency and reduce wait time and unnecessary work in process (WIP). I personally facilitated process improvement workshops which included everyone from upper level executives to shop floor employees. These workshops were 3-5 days, 8-10 hours per day. I conducted the training and supplied the structure for team members to efficiently identify the "current state" of the process, then work to create a "future state" process displaying how they wanted the process to function. As a Manufacturing/Production Manager eight of the past 13 years, I have been responsible for coaching and training employees during rapid growth. I was responsible for the entire value stream for the our product, from procuring and managing the raw materials to producing, testing, inspecting, and delivering the finished goods. I have created departments and positions where they were non-existent. I understand and accept the responsibility of having my actions and performance greatly affect the bottom line. That is what drives me to do my best and "gets me up in the morning" ready to start another day. Delivering a quality product to my customers, external and internal, is always my primary objective. I work hard to obtain the trust of my peers co-workers, so when they receive information from me they know it will be correct and of high quality every time. Lastly, I consider myself close to expert level when it comes to ERP systems. I have worked with several different ERP systems in my career and have been responsible for the BOMs during implementation twice in the past four years. I set up the BOMs, routers, and documented the processes of how to maintain them. I believe documenting information is critical to the long term health of a company. I am experienced with Microsoft Visio where I have created flow charts and organizational charts for manufacturing, and other departments. I can accurately type over 60 words per minute.