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Life Scientist - 7 Years of Experience - Near 22204


Life Scientist

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SUMMARY: • Molecular biologist with >6 years extensive Lab experience; experienced in Molecular/Cell biology based assays, Mammalian Cell (sterile technique), Histopathology, Immuno-histochemistry based assays & in performing general laboratory tests. • Well versed in Cell Culturing techniques; Isolating of Mesenchymal stem cells from Umbilical cord blood and banking them, sound in Culturing/ harvesting/ splitting/ passaging/ freezing/ thawing & storing; experienced in cutting, staining & preparing blood/tissue samples for routine microscopic analysis & pathologic review in a GLP compliant laboratory • Experienced in analyzing (cell cycle, viability, colony forming unit assay, cell & tissue morphology) under the fluorescence, confocal microscope. • Extensive experience in Western Blot, DNA (Cloning, Mutagenesis, DNA sequencing, DNA isolation/purification, Genotyping), Gel electrophoreses; PCR • Generated a transgenic mouse, Mice/rat handling/surgical experience • Directed experiments and survival surgical procedures for studies on mice and rats • Operated highly specialized laboratory and surgical instruments and equipment, instructed others in their use • Reviewed scientific journals and other literature for information concerning experimental procedures • Provided veterinary technical support for animal model studies • Performed routine laboratory maintenance & research activities such as: general housekeeping, preparing solutions, media, stains, buffers, collection of cultures and biological specimens for diagnostic testing per SOP guidelines.