Joseph B

Senior Case Manager/ Supervisor


Case Management Manager


Matteson, IL

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I'm a hard worker who stresses using a team mentality in assisting clients. I uitilize my co-workers in achieving the best outcome for the population we service. I've been told I go all out my way in getting clients where they need to be and maintaining proper documentation not only for my case load but assisting co-workers with theirs. I'm an all around team player, I work well with everyone regardless of they're cultural differences and they're lack of motivation, I motivate people and that includes co-worker, simply put I use the role playing




Kennedy King College Associate Of Art 2000 Associate Degree



My career highlights are having program managers tell me I've done an outstanding job with this client and that client. Most importantly Joseph never gave up, example I move from building to building, I'm more of a trouble shooter. I working in a single adult program I had a young lady who had a baby, I went in and spent 6 months trying to convince the Family Building Community Program Manager that this person should not be evicted due to the fact she had a child and I referred other femals to that particular program without any problem before. My manager stated in a meeting we had that Joseph never gave up. The highlights of my career is having clients call and say you never gave up on me and thank you. Somewhere a child is crying regardless of how old that child is he/or she is still someone's child and that's why I good at what I do!

Companies I like:

Department Of Correction Residential Community Junior College working with teens 18years and older who are trying to get they're GED Transitional Housing Program





Conduct intake, assessments, orientation to program discharges. My responsibilities are to take a person from a state of homelessness to a state of being independant and in order to do that I need to meet him/or her where they're at and this is done by setting goals, goals that are obtainable. I also provide limited substance abuse counseloring, this is done on a as needed basis. My ideal of meeting people where they're at is not sugar coating them. I deal with facts and consequences, this various depending on the person's identified problems during the assessment, it is here where I identify any problems or concerns