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Aerospace Engineer

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I bring to you valuable experience in Stress and Structural Analysis of Aircraft and helicopter structures, Aircraft Engines (GE90), Turbo-charger for Mercedes Benz, Space Shuttle Main Engine and Aircraft Repair Engineering, over the last 25-30 years. My stress engineering experience mostly revolves around Commercial and Military Aircrafts. I have worked on Engine mounts, Exhaust systems, Aircraft doors, Struts & Nacelles, Propeller systems, Vertical stabilizer, Frames, System Brackets and Harnesses, Tie Down Fittings for the Heavy Lifter helicopter, Splices, Lugs, Shear Angles, etc. At Gulfstream, I have analyzed 8 Aircraft Doors for their G650 Aircraft. At Lockheed Marietta, Georgia, I was responsible for the Stress Analysis of Electric Lock Mechanism and checking of C-130 J Composite Propeller system. I have also performed Composite and Sandwich construction Stress analysis at Gulfstream, and optimized weights by reducing extra latches . While working for Boeing at Seattle and Wichita, I had taken detailed training course in Aircraft Structural Repairs (SRM) based on Boeing Design Fundamentals applicable to the Material Review Board (MRB) functions, such as rework, repair or other disposition of non-conforming material and then subsequently acquired valuable work experience in Structural Repair Analysis. I also have working knowledge of CATIA -V5 and Enovia. I am also familiar with Boeing's Liaison Engineering Handbook, and have also worked on Exhaust systems for Airbus, Boeing and other commercial aircrafts. I have also written a brief Repair manual for nicks, abrasions, number 8 holes, small cracks, etc. at Magellan Aerospace, Middletown, Ohio for use within the company on Airbus A340 and A318 Exhaust systems. I also performed Liaison work on several Boeing Aircrafts such as 737, 7474, 757, 767, 777 and 787. I have also written a detailed report on 777 Strain gage Test, and my stress predictions were within 5 % of Test results. At Lockheed Martin, Marietta, Georgia, I have also worked on Severity Mission Factors and conducted Damage Tolerance Analysis for C-130 J Gunship. I have suggested many stress improvements to Lockheed’s C-130 J Propeller system for which I was sent to meet the Manufacturer Dowty Aerospace Propeller in UK. Also at Lockheed, I have analyzed an Electric Lock mechanism for Air-drop delivery system from C-130 J. I have extensive engineering experience also on F-16, C-130 J, C-141, KTX-2, JSF-35, CH53-K Helicopter programs. Over at Spirit-aero, I have worked on CH53-K Heavy Lifter helicopter, analyzing tie-down fittings, Frames, Spices, Lugs, clevises, etc using their stress code PASA. At Middle River Aircraft System (Div. GE Aircraft ) , I have worked on GP7200 Strut components, side skins, cutouts, and performed Natural Frequency and Random Vibration evaluation of various ducting systems . I take pride in my work and I work proficiently and diligently. Please give me a chance to be interviewed for this job opportunity. Thanks & Regards, Shahid Zaheer 513 349-5750 (cell)





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