Phil S

General Sales Manager


Administrative Services Manager

Education Level:

Some College Units Completed

Will Relocate:



I wanted to address this letter to you by name but I was unable to obtain it. I am very interested in this position Immediately Available: Experienced manager with a passion for customer service! I would not only enjoy applying my skills to this position, I would thrive on the opportunity to prove myself as an asset to the company and contributing member to your team. As you will see in the enclosed resume, my wide-range of challenging experiences as a manager provides me with many insights into your company's procedures. My ability to train and motivate others while maintaining a positive atmosphere with the ability to solve problems is my strongest asset and is a quality I think can really benefit your company. My track record clearly shows success in the following areas: improving efficiency and productivity, while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction. As well as, carefully solving customer complaints. This is exactly what I do best and enjoy most. When it comes to performing a company usually expects an error-free result. I mention this because one of my main strengths is my attention to detail. I dedicate myself to every project I am assigned to and whatever task is at hand. P.S. I welcome the opportunity to discuss my skills and knowledge with you in more detail please contact me at 718-344-0741 or Thank you for your consideration