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RssCyber-Security Analyst,Network Vulnerability Assessment,System Hardening, Protocol exploitation

Network Vulnerability Assessment and Network hardening in complex evolving networking environments with evolving protocols and variegated equipment, though my expertise is primarily with Cisco equipment and networks, some Brocade and Juniper. My simple goal is to join the fight in the ever increasing battle to protect sensitive networks from attack from ever complex threats in the war on cyber-terrorism. An updated resume and cover letter are available if interested. I am looking primarily in several different areas (Bay area, CA; Denver area, CO; Seattle area, WA; and any internatational postings; and I should have updated profiles on,,, etc and I believe is complete as well (though it seems I am indirectly related to a number of different sites). I am a veteran of the USN with an inactive confidential clearance, possibly elevated to compartmentalized secret, do to my work for the Navy.Formally, my intent is network penetration testing and system vulnerability assessment and auditing. I think that the largest threats to security are exploits in three major areas. The first is in energy production and distribution control networks. The second is in flexible wireless network systems including MIMO networks and satellite networks, and the third that I consider to be a hidden threat is SCADA control systems for raw water and waste water treatment. I pose these as non-obvious examples that certainly don’t do justice to the threat that is ever present, and at least to my mind, critically imperative to national security as it pertains to the internet and communications. Though I am somewhat older than a traditional student coming out of a graduate program, I bring to the table a number of different skill sets that have value related to networking engineering, network management, system management, and system security. The skill sets I bring to the table are much richer in depth and breadth, and this gives me a mature view of the big picture. Though industries might be different and technologies different, the underlying principles are the same. I bring high level understanding of network theory and design (including both OSI and TCP/IP stacks), not only as it relates to intra-networks, but inter-network communication as well. This includes knowledge of laws pertaining to my actions and to that of my subordinate’s actions. I can use a number of different programming languages such as Linux, Python, and JAVA for security. I have extensive experience with Cisco equipment and working with different IOS versions, with the goal of achieving the CCNA certification this summer. I also have experience with Juniper and brocade IOS operating systems, with Tcl, C++, and Java, as well as virtualization experience using VMware ESXi (virtualized data banks and “server farms”), VMware Vsphere, VMware Workstation, and Oracle Virtual Machine. I include this only as example of breadth of knowledge as these skills are a part of assessing, deploying, maintaining, securing, and optimizing networks. Every company requires a different type of network requiring different skills to design, implement, secure, troubleshoot, maintain. If prospective employment moves me towards another pathway that is more explicitly relevant to penetration testing, I intend (even with the upcoming Cisco’s certification changes) to pass the CCNA, CCNP –Routing and Switching, and CCNP –Security, CCNP-SP, CCIE, CEH , and the CISSP, though any Cisco certifications may not be of benefit to me. Though focused on network security, I have graduate experience with wireless networks, antennas, and satellite communication. In any event, if hired without a specific certification, I will take any required or functionally necessary certifications applicable to my job tasking. As an added note, as part of my service related duties with the U.S. Navy I was required to hold a confidential security clearance which may have been elevated to secret (compartmentalized) for subsurface warfare. It is probably inactive at this point and this topic hence becomes irrelevant and presented for informational purposes only. I authorize any background check as is necessary to my tasking. Please feel free to contact me directly at 303-440 7150 or via email at if you have any further questions. Sincerely, Gusten Franco

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