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RssQC Manager/ QC at asphalt plant/plant operator/ plant manager

30 years experience working for paving contractors mostly at the asphalt plant doing mix designs and testing of the mix for quality control. I have operated and troubleshooted several different asphalt plants ( batch plants and drum mix plants). Because I know how to operate plants , I can easily diagnose problems with the mix that are caused by plant problems. I also, have an easy time adjusting mixes due to the vast amount of mix designs I have done. I have learned how to adjust for air voids, vma, gradation through doing mix designs. Everything to keep the mixes in spec and to get bonuses . On an I-75 job for CW Roberts, there were Over $175,000 in bonuses because of the way the mixes ran. I have a vast experience in the mix designing. I have dealt with materials from the Panhandle to Miami and the Ft. Myers area and have designed with granite. I know how to design with cost effectiveness in mind , while designing quality mixes. I have worked on many Interstate projects (I-75, I-95, I-10 etc.) with excellent success. From the building of I-75 in Golden Gate , Widening of I-75 through Alachua, Columbia, Marion counties and one of the earliest superpave jobs in Jasper,Fl. Resurfacing of I-75 at Wildwood, Fl.(which received an award) and the several jobs resurfacing of I-95 , one of which received an award and several jobs on I-10 , one of which consisted of taking the slabs of concrete up, crushing it into aggregate at the plant site and then making asphalt mix out of the crushed concrete. I was QC at the plant and QC of the aggregate production.I have done QC for projects on Alligator Alley, US 41, US 441, SR 30 , several on US19 ,US 98, widening of 231, 73 job and many many more. Most of the jobs were Federally Funded. I also, have experience in aggregate testing which, some of it was through doing work for Limerick Industries, which was a sister company of White Construction. I am familiar with the testing, coding and QC plans for aggregates and used to be certified aggregate field by ACI and also used to be LBR certified. I also have had experience in concrete testing and soil testing. I have broken cylinders, made cylinders , did the slump and temperature, and the air content. I know how to do proctors and take densities. I also have experience writing and maintaining the QSM for the lab and have went through many lab inspections with few or no deficiencies. I also have experience writing QC plans. I have QC'd over a million tons of asphalt in my career and have run the plant for hundreds of thousands of mix.

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