Robert A

RCT IV/Geologist/Health and Safety/Supervision: Hazardous Waste Remediation, Excavation, Health and Safety, Aquifer Wells (Drilling, Maintenance, Logging), Oil and Natural Gas, Business Owner, Management, GIS/ ArcMap, GPS databases, Microsoft Office - 17


Hazardous Materials Removal Worker

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In my former position as a Radiological Control Technician IV I took on a wide variety of responsibilities and tasks. I performed the duties of a supervisor, scientist, geologist, health and safety supervisor, electronic/instrument technician, environmental technician and possess many other skills that I have to incorporate because I'm not only protected my workers but also the public's safety. I am proficient in 3 phase projects, hazardous and chemical waste characterization (cleanup and disposal), aquifer monitoring (drilling, priming, sampling, logging, removal and capping), soil/ water/ air environmental sampling and analysis, O & M, health and safety, N.O.R.M (cleanup and disposal), GIS/ ArMap, remediation/excavation coverage and technical writing (procedures, training, processes, bids, and reports). I utilized GIS and ArcMap to create graphs, reports, maps, data compilation, summary of spatial data, and databases that create a picture of the progress being made on the project for the client. I am in the process of enrolling in an Environmental Engineering program with a minor in Project Management/ Sustainability Management to broaden my expertise and strengthen my feasibility for my employer. I enjoy learning new processes and procedures, am highly detailed oriented and efficient in getting the job done in a safe and timely manner. I have enjoyed the education and experience I have gained from traveling all over the USA as a Radiological Technician but now want to settle down in a potential long term career. This will satisfy the needs of my family and secure my children's future. As you can see in my resume I have only had 3 core jobs throughout my career. The jobs I had the opportunity to have are different as the night is day. I feel this shows dedication and my ability to learn new skills. I take each new job as a challenge and as an opportunity to become a multi-functional, multi-skilled employee ready to learn. If the job consists of skills I have already acquired, I will have them as a back pocket resource but will learn the way my new employee operates through their policies and procedures. This will benefit both the employee and I by optimizing my work ethics through training and cross-referencing.