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My name is Ohad and I am looking for my next challenge. I am currently a Camera & system technical manager at Elbit Systems where I lead all issues related to image processing and quality and also lead the development of new cameras designated to be integrated on unmanned aerial vehicles. I have already lead several VIS color cameras from development stage (optics requirements, sensor requirements, image pipeline and hardware requirements) up to mass production. Currently a large portion of my activity is evaluating image and video quality and researching and developing new methods to establish image and video quality. The project I am currently working on includes 12 to 8 bit reduction, color integrity, white balance, JP2K and H264 compressions, RGB to YUV/YCbCr converting and vice versa, Lab evaluation, MTF evaluation , debayer methods evaluation and more . I also lead the characterization and development of the image pipeline of several CMOS and InGaAs sensors. I am responsible of characterizing the sensors noise (PRNU\FPN, DSNU, read noise floor, etc') and work with the hardware team to correct it, I develop various methods to reduce sensor noise on a dynamic level (per each frame) enabling improved image quality and saves resources (for example my algorithms saved the characterization of several sensors we use in dependence of temperature, characterization that requires, among others, very pricey equipment). I lead the development of lens integration, calibration and testing stations. I lead the development of color corrections in our bayer patterned sensors, white balance, distortion correction due to lens issues, MTF tests following lens and sensor integration, 12 bit to 8 bit transformation. I am involved in the development of video motion detection algorithms and their integration with hardware, super resolution, stabilization and auto focus. I also advise our hardware team on video compression issues and quality measurements methods (for example SSIM) And in the little spare time I have, I lead the system requirements and implementation of new cameras in various surveillance projects. I hold a bachelor degree in physics with divisions in mathematics and chemistry and a masters degree in astrophysics. I am a hard worker with great interpersonal skills, always ready and willing to lead and a great team player, able to motivate and recruit personnel for a task a great presentor and very charismatic, a problem solver with a lot of experience in various fields such as hardware, software and algorithm development. A great out of the box thinker and always willing to learn and teach. I am certain I have a lot to contribute from my know how and experience. I have attached my C.V. for your review. Feel free to contact me for more details. Hope to hear from you soon. Regards, Ohad +972506850900