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RssSenior Systems Administrator - Windows - VMware - Citrix - Linux - 13 years experience

For the last thirteen years I have been working as an Information Technology Professional contracting for the United States Federal Government. My work experience has involved working shift, testing, building environments and making computers easy to understand for users. Working for many different companies my number one job has been to serve as a technical consultant to Government Employees. This involves for me to become an expert in many different technologies to be able to present to the government. Being an expert in these different areas helps the government track and prevents security threats against the United States. My boss’s and managers have always said the same thing about me and that is I never give up. Whatever project I work on I treat it as if it’s my number one priority and I give it a 100% every time. The reason I do this is because I look at the overall goal which is the mission, my mission is to get things done in order to serve my customer. When I think of the next few years of where I want to be I imagine myself working as a federal government employee trying to make a difference. Over the last couple of years that our military and others working overseas to help fight the war against terrorism I admire them and want to be them. I want to help fight and protect all the things the United States has given me give something back to my country. It has been my dream to work for the Federal Bureau of Investigation in their Counterterrorism Division. I had wanted to work as a Cyber Security Specialist/Engineer in the FBI’s Quantico Forensics Lab. After more thought I realized that there were more areas I could be helpful in which is why I am exploring degrees in a much broader scope. I want to learn more about National Security Studies, International Affairs, and Homeland Security. I am pursuing a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice Specializing in Homeland Security from Saint Joseph’s University because reviewing the courses and the course descriptions I feel that I can learn more about National Security Studies, International Affairs as well as obtain an understanding in regards to computer crimes. When finishing my degree I am going to pursue getting certificates or certifications for cyber security as well as any certificates for becoming an Intelligence Analyst. With these I feel I can have many different skill levels to try other careers for the federal government in the future. With completion of my master’s degree I can switch from an Information Technology Professional to an Intelligence Analyst. Be able to pursue opportunities with the FBI or another government agency. Not only will I be able to pursue my dream job with the government but receiving the training from school I will be able to learn from professionals who teach the courses. In my decision to go back to school I wanted to make sure that I did my homework on the career field I chose to make sure I knew exactly what to look for in a degree program to make sure I chose the right school and program. It was very important to me that I found the right program and school because I do not have the background right now to get into this field and when I applied for a job in the government my education would suffice instead of actual work experience.

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