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RssDeputy City Clerk/Executive Assistant - 10 years experience - Minutes Taker, Assistant to Boards and Councils Sammamish, Wa

Promoted from Office Assistant to Administrative Assistant. Deputy City Clerk Promotion - First Deputy City Clerk hired by the City, due to stellar work performance. Merits Days Award - Compiling all exhibits for a controversial appeal on East Lake Sammamish Trail. Completed Discovery Requests by multiple appellants and took on role as Hearings Examiners Assistant. Team of the Year Award - City Clerks Office 2008 Business License Administrator and gave monthly presentations to potential new business owners. Developers and Builders - Compiled and coordinated bond releases with high level executives. Legal Coordination - Worked with City Attorney and completed Legal Assistant/Paralegal duties with enthusiasm. Risk Claims Management - Self directed and researched new job duties and completed tasks on time. Prepared all council packet materials and drafted agendas, ordinances, resolutions and professional correspondence. Completed the first procedures manual for the City Clerks office. Attended all quasi-judicial hearings and assisted three Hearings Examiners. Filled in for City Clerk, City Manager's Executive Assistant and always available to sit in for other key staff. Certified Municipal Clerk - Attended the required three years of college level courses through International Institute of Municipal Clerks and completed all requirements for CMC designation. Set up audio systems, presentations, prepared for and attended city council meetings, council and staff retreats. Official minutes taker and historian of city council regular and study session meetings. Attended multiple Superior Court, Growth Management Hearings Board and Shoreline Hearings Board legal proceedings and prepared and certified official exhibits and records to the courts. Even went so far as to drive twenty four boxes of exhibits to Snohomish Superior Court myself to ensure the record was submitted by state law case schedule deadlines. Schedules and Outlook Calendar - scheduled logistics for meetings outside city hall and acted as liaison between appellants, attorneys, Executive Staff. Project Coordination/Contracts/Publics Works Bids - prepared legal notices for publics works projects, maintained contract files, official bids opener. State Laws and procedural requirements - published official notices for legal matters, researched RCW's and maintained all official laws and regulations passed by council. Customer Service - Give phenomenal customer service, maintained cordial relationships and communicate with executives such as; King County Executive Ronn Simms, Congressman Reichert, Legislators Jay Rodne, Glenn Anderson, Chery Pflug. Other duties as assigned - Enthusiastic when asked to take on new challenges and was recognized by high-level executives, attorneys, councilmembers, developers and builders as the "go-to" person. I want to work for a successful company who has the same passion that I do for giving 150% customer service, offers opportunities to challenge myself and execute a wide range of projects and services, recognizes employees with hard work ethics and offers me projects that are challenging and allows me to be trusted and that I am that employee that can be trusted to execute projects within the required timelines and remaining within the allocated budget and contingency funds. Budgets - Knowledgeable and capable of preparing budget presentations and remaining within budgeted allocation costs. Saved the city several thousand dollars by preparing electronic packets and posting to website and reducing paper. Researched and was the first Administrative Assistant to record hearings on digital voice recorder. This saved the city money by purchasing CD's to make copies and also cut down on missing sections of important audio, which in turn, gave the city more credibility.

Municipal Clerk

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Municipal Clerk

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