Dawn B

Senior Research Engineer


Mechanical Engineer

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I am an engineer with 10+ years of research and development experience. I have expertise in AutoCAD, CFD, ANSYS, and SolidWorks. I have both hands-on experimental experience as well as numerical modeling experience.




NSF AGEP-MAGNET Fellowship for Graduate Studies Duke University Fellowship • Goal-driven engineering professional with 10+ years of experience involving research, product development, and testing of microfluidic designs with biological fluids. • Excellent team player and inspiring project manager who leads individuals with diverse skills and expertise to effective and timely success. • Highly-effective verbal and written communicator with several presentations and published journal papers. • Highly-effective collaborator with strong working relationships at government laboratories and universities. • Effective lab manager who designed and built state-of-the-art Microfluidic Laboratory from scratch, where I mentored and supervised junior researchers and technicians involved in experimental laboratory techniques. • Hands-on experience in building prototypes and experimental setups. Ability to design lab-on-a-chip systems for point-of-care medical diagnostic systems. • Experienced experimentalist and data analyzer who has designed, fabricated and tested products, and performed numerical simulations and finite element analysis on prototype designs for the validation of microfluidic devices. • Leader of DFM teams for successfully taking concepts and ideas from prototypes to manufacturing and production. • Knowledgeable of computer design/ analysis software including computational fluid dynamics (CFD), computer-aided engineering (CAE), AutoCAD, ANSYS, and SolidWorks. Ability to develop empirical and numerical models. • Knowledgeable of MEMS fabrication techniques including photolithography and micromachining. • Intelligent, diligent, creative thinker, problem solver, and contributor who thrives on producing excellent results.

Companies I like:

Becton Dickinson, Merck, GE, Johnson and Johnson, Google, United Technologies Research Corporation





Experience designing and fabricating complex microfluidic devices and lab-on-a-chip systems. Experienced CAD designer and leader of DFM teams for taking concepts from prototypes to production. Experienced experimentalist who has developed testing plans for prototype devices. Experience conducting research, analyzing data, and modeling fluid flow, electric field gradients, and particle motion in microfluidic systems. Highly-effective collaborator; Highly-skilled in computer analysis software including computational fluid dynamics (CFD), finite element analysis, SolidWorks, FEA, AutoCAD, ANSYS, LABVIEW, and MATLAB.