Shandra V

Mortgage - Quality Assurance


Quality Assurance Specialist

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Shandra’s background is in Quality Assurance, Quality Control and Mortgage Fraud Investigation. The skills obtained over Shandra’s career in Mortgage consist of performing loan level investigative fraud reviews, evaluating the applications and documents for incompletes, detecting falsified documents, as well as inaccurate financial statements/status and recognizing the material misrepresentations and inaccurate information which Shandra uses these research results for trending and analysis. These skills align Shandra to be a beneficial associate within the Lines of Business, monitoring compliance as the key directive, per Investor guidelines. Shandra is able to compile the overall summaries of individual loan findings and scheme(s) performed to help the organization stay within compliance. Shandra also worked as an Auditor where she audited mortgage loans after closing, verifying that underwriting conditions have been met and supporting documentations were in the file. Within Shandra’s current department, she has worked on various projects including the HUD Validation, ensuring the Lines of Business are offering workout options to all homeowners that are part of the settlement. Shandra is currently working within the Business Control – QC department where she monitors if the First Legal Deadline Date (FLDD) is being calculated correctly and if the HUD extensions are being filed accurately. Future and long term goals for Shandra is to continue analyzing data, examine, analyze and research processes, be in a role that she is able to detect any servicing and compliance gaps, evaluate documentation and files to confirm the Lines of Business(s) are in compliance regarding their own internal Policy and Procedures and government regulations. Skills: Researcher, identify areas out of compliance, team player, the ability to adapt to change, proficient, logical and inquisitive. Resume available upon request