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Ken Kominek 9399 Wade Blvd. #2106 Frisco, TX 75035 214-618-1766 April 29, 2007 TO WHOM IT CONCERN: Please accept my resume, for a career opportunity. I have been with TXU Power for 20 years at the Graham Electric Power Plant as an Instrumentation and Process Control Specialist. Graham Power Plant is a two unit (250 megawatt and a 400 megawatt) natural gas/fuel oil fired power plant in Graham Texas. Graham plant primarily operates on natural gas and has the capability of using fuel oil. Unit one became operational in 1960,Unit two came on line in 1969. Graham plant units have the capability of running as a base load and a peaking unit, giving the plant a wide range of operational asset to TXU. Graham plant has been modified to reduce stack emissions through operational changes and equipment including recirculating dampers, new Nox gas burner tips, Continuance Emission Monitoring. Minimizing the unitís impact on the environment without sacrificing the interest of future generation. While at TXU my responsibilities were to analyze and repair boiler and turbine control system problems in normal and emergency periods to restore the systems to a safe and efficient operational condition. Tune and calibrate boiler controls to ensure safe and optimum performance. Calibrate turbine controls and turbine valves for optimum performance. Primary CEM Technician for ten years maintaining the analyzers, sample system, data, control system, in normal and emergency situations, CEM preventive maintenance, involved in yearly RATA testing, quarterly linear testing of system, submitted quarterly data to TXU per state of Texas regulations on both units. Maintain the data acquisition system by adding, deleting, changing inputs/outputs, building logs, ensuring that inputs show reliable information to production and support personnel. Running computer diagnostic programs, analyzing, and repairing computer functions for production and support personnel. Maintain boiler control systems to ensure safe, reliable boiler operation. Other responsibilities included were to serve on committees to provide recommendations on improving processes, equipment, and direction of instrumentation and controls for all the systems of the power plant. Some major project committees were replacing unit 1's Baileyís Pneumatic control system to a DCS Rosemount RMV 9000 system in 1991. Unit 2's Foxboro Spec 200 analog control system with A/B card lock logic, also a Bailey Net 90 Data acquisition system to a Foxboro I/A series DCS with a Foxboro Historian for Data acquisition in 1998. Replacing Unit 1's DCS Rosemount RMV 9000 control system with a Foxboro I/A series DCS with a Foxboro Historian for Data acquisition. Installation of equipment for Continuance emission monitoring and emission reduction this included buildings, analyzers, control system modifications, stack probes, and training operators on the equipment. My responsibilities from the committees included planning, designing, installation, training, drawing graphics, control systems configuration, check out of the new equipment, and control system loop. Also, documentation and maintaining plant record of instrumentation calibration records, equipment manuals, parts, preventive maintenance schedules. Documentation of DCS control system history including keeping control diagrams up to date, drawing control diagrams of new implemented controls, file down loads, changes in block configuration, graphics, and processors. Records of passed instrumentation failure, control system, and equipment failures and corrective action taken to repair problems. Failure records were kept for reliability of equipment when considering future equipment for projects. Personnel skills that I pride myself on are no lost time accidents in my 20 years with TXU. Quality of work by accurately and completely performing assigned tasks with quality results, identifying issues and problems, good decision maker, flexible, and adaptable. I clearly express ideas in individual or group situations. I listen, understand, and respond appropriately to communicate with others. My experience has taught me how to originate productive actions without specific instructions, demonstrate high standards in my performance and led others by example. Complete jobs with operations, electricians, maintenance, vendors, contractors, and consultants while maintaining cordial and effective relationship in a positive behavior while working with others. As an instrumentation and process control specialist I directly reported to the maintenance supervisor. Worked very closely with plant management, plant engineers, for reliable, efficient, safe, high performing, cost affective power plant. Providing calibrations, testing, tuning of integrated systems, maintenance of control type power plant equipment. Control type equipment includes instruments, PLCs, controls, protective devices, annunciation systems, and data acquisition systems. Functioned as a leader, trainer for less experience personnel and scheduled work for subordinates. Frequently working with minimal supervision and showing initiative in my area of responsibility. Attached is my resume for your review After review of my resume you will see that I have a very overall understanding of power plants, very experienced with Instrumentation, DCS systems, CEM, and Process Controls. I feel that with my skills and experience I would be a valuable addition to any groupís organization . Thank you for your time and hope to hear from you soon. Sincerely Ken Kominek


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TXU POWER (Confidential) 8/1986 - 1/2006
DRESSER ATLAS (Confidential) 7/1980 - 8/1986
MONARCH ELECTRIC COMPANY (Confidential) 7/1977 - 7/1978






EXPERIENCE: AUGUST 1986-JANUARY 2006 - TXU POWER PLANT, Graham, Texas Process Control and Instrumentation Specialist Major Responsibilities: 1. Analyze and repair boiler and turbine control system problems during both normal and emergency periods to restore the systems to a safe and efficient operational condition. 2. Tune and calibrate boiler controls to ensure safe and optimum boiler performance. 3. Calibrate turbine controls and turbine valves for safe and optimum turbine performance. 4. Maintain and calibrate all plant instrumentation to provide reliable operational information to operations and support personnel. 5. Document and maintain records of instrumentation and control history. 6. Recommend adequate spare parts inventory to minimize equipment downtime 7. Maintain data acquisition systems and their inputs to ensure reliable information to production and support personnel. 8. Maintain data acquisition database. Adds, deletes or changes inputs/outputs, builds calculated points, builds logs, and write applicable software programs. 9. Run computer diagnostic programs, Analyzes and repairs the computer to restore computer functions to production and support personnel in a timely manner. 10. Work with vendor personnel during equipment checkout and repair in the power plant or the vendorís facilities, as necessary. 11. Maintain the boiler control system to ensure safe, reliable boiler operation. 12. Serve on subcommittees to provide recommendation on processes, equipment, and controls in power plants. 13. Planning, Scheduling Preventive Maintenance, run copper and stainless steel tubing, conduit, mount new enclosures, termination of electrical and control wiring. 14. Documenting DCS control system history, keeping control diagrams up to date,drawing control diagrams of new implemented controls, file down loads, configuration changes block configuration, graphics, and control processors. 15. Directly reports to technical supervisor, closely works with plant management,and engineers.

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PROJECT EXPERIENCE: 1. Replaced Unit 1's Bailey Pneumatic Control System to a Rosemount DCS RMV 9000 Control System, also replaced Pan Alarm Relay Annunciator System with a Digital Rochester System. 2. Replace Unit 2's Westinghouse Data Acquisition Computer with a Bailey Net 90 for Data Acquisition with Operators CRTs. 3. Replaced Unit 1's Rosemount DCS RMV 9000 Control System and Digital Rochester Annunciator with a Foxboro I/A Series DCS/Foxboro Annunciator/Foxboro Historian for Data Acquisition. 4. Replaced Unit 2's Foxboro Spec 200 and Bailey Net 90 with a Foxboro I/A Series DCS/Foxboro Historian for Data Acquisition. 5. Installation of Continuance Emission Monitoring System and Emission Reduction Equipment. 6. Replaced water treatment plant relay controls with new Allen Brady PLC-5/40 with a Panel mate CRT Operator interface, Rewire water plant, mount equipment, check out of equipment and process controls. 7. Replaced Main Boiler Feed Pump Relay protection controls with new Allen Brady PLC- 5/40, Rewire panel enclosure, mount equipment, check out of protection controls. 8. Replaced L&N PH analyzers with new Yokogawa PH analyzers. Installation of sodium analyzer, and dissolved oxygen analyzer. Installed analyzers, termination of wiring, ran stainless steel tubing, and check out of equipment.