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RssCustom Audio and Sound Systems Designer and Builder Installer

OBJECTIVE: I'm wanting to turn over a new leaf in life. World change is coming, and i want to offer more to make it better for all. I'm Looking for someone, or group, no matter where you're from or nationality, I get along with everyone, who's wanting to invest in great things, or those who already have started. Nothing with greedy intentions please. I have many ideas, but can't pull them off myself. My passion is low voltage installation, and mostly audio, all forms of it. I love sound and music, but we can do more than that with audio technology. I believe there are ways to use audio, sound, freaquency, vibration to, for instance, change construction, in the way we build, to be more efficient, healthcare, healing and rehabilitating, a few other fun little things to perhaps contribute to the bigger ones. Maybe re-activate the Egyptian Pyramids, as I think they are tools rather than tombs, as well as many other monuments on earth. Also pick up where Nicola Tesla left off. Electromagnetics, Antigravity, space travel and exploration. There are many simpler ways to do what we have been doing the hard way. This is just the frame of mind I have. If you see any interest in my resume, feel free to contact me whatever way you wish. But, please do not contact me for any weapon, military, or destruction purposes, or anything to do with harming others or mother earth. I'm just tired of working with and for others who whom are greedy, careless, thoughtless, wasteful and so on. I feel like I' m wasting my talents and life away when I should be doing something better for better reasons. Also considering continuing my education as well - Probably in Physics.

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