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RssHuman Service Administrator, Boston, MA - 15+ yrs experience

Andrew A. Garner 51 Jackson Street Taunton, MA 02780 (617) 833-7222 To Whom It May Concern: I am applying to your organization as an established and credible human service worker. I’ve worked in this particular field for an extended period of time and have developed critical thinking skills along with valuable experience working with families and undeveloped youth (particularly teenage youth) that has propelled me to further my career ambitions. Within this timeframe I’ve held positions in different levels of capacity, namely, that of a Case Manager and Assistant Director for the Department of Youth Services (partnership with the Old Colony Y) as well as Eliot Community Human Service. Presently, I’m self-employed as a Financial Advisor representing Primerica Insurance. My experience in human service has impacted the lives I help in this industry and has given me the confidence in doing what I’ve always done, assist those in need. As a human service provider and caretaker, I bring diversity, creativity, and loyalty. My enthusiastic approach speaks volumes of who I am as an individual. I strive for perfection and exemplify excellence in all arenas of my performance. I constantly look for new and unique ways of encouraging and motivating youth, as well as my colleagues. Additionally, as an administrator I treat my staff with respect and dignity and lead by example. My philosophy is that in order for an organization to be productive and run efficiently everyone must have a role and support one another. I fully adopt this thinking and conduct myself as a professional and as a leader who thrives off of collective efforts by all. One of my biggest assets is my passion for youth, and knowledge of the particular population I serve. I have great working relations with Public & Court Officials, Attorneys, Community Outreach, DCF, and DYS workers, Judges, Probation Officers, and Family & Health Services in the city of Boston, Brockton, and surrounding towns. I’m confident and eager to venture into new challenges that will not only enhance my awareness of different realms of counseling and management but strengthen my overall growth and awareness of youth needs. In closing, I hope you consider me for the interview phase of your hiring process. I can assure you that I will make every effort possible to meet the criteria of your organization. Furthermore, I am confident that I can be a great asset, and valuable addition to your organization. Thank you for your time and patience, as I look forward to having an opportunity to meet. Respectfully Yours, Andrew A. Garner

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