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Rsscomposite plastic technician

Dear Sir: Good day! As I was looking for a better opportunity I came across your company address and hoping that there’s a need in your firm as a Production Staff, perhaps my skill and years of experience would be able to contribute in all aspect of production and manufacturing. I have supplemented my practical knowledge in different types of technology when I was granted a technical training for six months and extended on the job for two years in Tokyo, Japan. As a reward for my diligent and loyalty shown to the company. I was first designated as Laboratory Technician. I handle different types of plastic and acids chemicals (casein, polyester, polyurethane, acrylic, ABS, polyvinylchloride, ceramic, polyamide, polyethylene and other solution use in manufacturing process). In Jewelry manufacturing and accessories, I was also involved in design concept and execution of every handicrafts product we produce. Non-precious and Precious Fashion jewelry manufacturing. In new development the company decided to expand in other areas composite plastic manufacturing. We were involved in innovative furniture from interior, exterior household amenities of synthetic granite and marble.(cabinets, kitchen top and tables, cornices, chairs, baluster, bathtubs and sinks). I was trained in carbon fiber, fiberglass reinforces plastics and fiberglass reinforces concrete a composite plastic technology. Perhaps my ability and talent would be able to provide you to in part my knowledge in developing your products in molding, casting and sculptured products from plastic of Paris, ceramic, woods, wax, vinyl molding and metals. We also do iron works, structural, molding and casting use in construction and other innovative products. Painting technology and Electroplating process for all types of metal products. In my previous year I have worked in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as technical staff on product research and development in Furniture Company and other household interior. I also work in automotive industry whose my involvement varies the reconstruction and remodeling the interior of ambulance and bulletproofing luxury vehicles. I also acquire the ability to operate plastic Injection, Extrusion, Infusion Technology and thermoforming machine used for manufacturing flexible Polyvinylchloride clothing molded for furniture cushion, ABS and other types of plastic used for automotive interior amenities and household furniture products. I can also provide polyurethane foam casting and molded parts. As a team player in a product research and development, I can provide training and production workflow. If given the opportunity to join your company, I can give you with the highest standard of efficiency and knowing you will consider people like us. With this thought in mind I am enclosing my personal data sheet in which outline my years of experience in different top company. If you feel that my application qualifies me for a position with your firm. I greatly appreciate your kind attention on this matter. Truly yours, RICO D.ARANDIA

Aircraft Rigging Assembler

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