Rebecca M

Food Server


Food Server


Virginia Beach, VA

Will Relocate:



If you were to ask me to summarize myself in a few words I would simply say, I am a honest, hardworking, dependable, friendly women. Everything I do my heart goes into it along with 110% of my energy and time. I am always the first one to arrive to work and the last one to leave. Most of the time I offer to stay without pay due to my obsession with perfection. There is no one in this world that I can not work with due to my friendliness and love to laugh. No matter how serious the situation I can always put every ones mind at ease and make everyone smile. Beyond working with anyone I can also adapt and work anywhere. My knowledge of computers and flexibility and willingness to learn new things makes it impossible for me to fail at any job I do. Above all of my wonderful traits I am someone you want to be around and work with.