Rick B

Advertising Sales Agent - Near 49037


Advertising Sales Agent

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High School/GED

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To succeed in a stimulating and challenging environment where my skills and abilities can be of benefit to myself as well as my employer, leading to opportunities for advancement. Core Strengths * Leadership/Team Building and Accomplishments Increased specialty food line sales consistently from 4% to as high as 10% each year from 1995 - 2012 * Generated two to three business customers per year through cold sales calls, adding to company's growth and profitability as implemented 2009 - 2012 * Developed new store product layout and shelf presentation along with category management from 1995 - 2012 * Increased monthly presales per individual accounts as high as 20% consistently from 1995 - 2012 * Top sales leader in grocery and top 20 in promotional pre-sells. and Accomplishments * Raised store gross profits as acting Grocery Department Manager 3% and greater from 1992 - 1995 * Won numerous awards for end display design and promotional displays. Called upon to do new store set ups. * Reduced inventory to manageable levels and reduced credits and shrink loss margins by direct supervision and management of employee performance. * Developed and organized store operating procedures by scheduling vender and broker calls to avoid conflict with store backroom operations. and Accomplishments * Designed and implemented million dollar cereal elevator transport system to alleviate congestion of single floor operation. * Redesigned factory service walkways to Osha standards and safety specifications saving work time loss accidents and factory down time.





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