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Real Estate Professional, Valuation, Contract Negotiations, Purchasing - Executive


Managing Director


Vinemont, AL

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I have always had a very good vision for properties that have potential and the true value of any property in any location with some research. I would love to use these special skills to make an investor huge profits - while being paid for my abilities. Many people can buy and develop real estate if they have enough money and time, but being savy and paying attention to the locations and the surroundings opens up so many more properties some would never even take a look at. I call them the hidden treasures. I also like to take odd properties and come up with totally different ideas of the highest and best use of the properties. The game of finding a deal and negotiating gives me the same feeling as a kid on Christmas morning. I love it! Satisfaction and accomplishment! Here is an example, I just recently was in an area that was really depressed, but some large activities have sparked the rental market in this area. There are huge 3-5 story buildings in this downtown area with 8,000-10,000 s.f. with listing prices in the $15-$18 per foot, yes - unbelievable! The main levels of all are still occupied with retail tenants on main street, then there are 3 or 4 more 2000 s.f. loft apartments which will rent for around $1,000 a month. Based on the potential rents and the new activity in this area these properties are huge bargains even in this economy. There are plenty more. Let me prove what I can do and if you do not feel comfortable with the first few deals just let me go! I am also an expert at property valuations and purchasing. So if you need someone who knows real estate, sales, purchasing, contracts, development, design, highest and best use feasibility, construction, inspecting and rental markets I would love to here from you! I love to travel and study new markets in any location. I am self motivated and will know a ton about an area in just a few days.


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(Confidential) Founder and Executive Director 6/2009 - Present
(Confidential) Owner/Sales/Contracting/Design/Construction 3/2005 - Present
Hinkle Excavating Owner/Operator 2/2005 - 7/2011
(Confidential) Owner/Appraiser 1/1990 - Present
Norwest Financial Assistant Manager 1/1986 - 8/1988
Hinkle, Mann and Pitts R.E. Managing Partner and Realtor 1/1985 - 1/1990
UAB Hospital in Birmingham Dialysis Technician 11/1984 - 10/1986
Wal-mart Distribution 6006 Laborer in many departments 5/1983 - 11/1984



Wallace State Community College Real Estate and Mathematics/no major 1987 Certification Degree
University of Alabama in Birmingham 2 years Engineering High School/GED Degree

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Website All news and info! media url I keep up with all financial news daily with world economy and US news and economic conditions.




Pre-College, National Honors Society 3rd in my Class, President of Student Council, all sports, Church. I won the national mathematics test in the 9th grade with all grades tested together. I was accepted to Nuke School, Scholarship to the University of Alabama on an honors Scholarship, I turned a $40,000 appraisal business into a $500,000 business in just a couple of years without any help. Lately I Founded Stoney Creek Outreach, Inc., a 501C3 non-profit camp and retreat for faith based groups. This facility I started on June 10, 2010 and had 150 beds and 12,000s.f. with all the normal amenities completed in 12 months and up and operational. There are many other awards etc. but the above non-profit started a program called CAMP2540 for under-privileged youth to attend camp for a week for free. This is my greatest accomplishment, with the exception of family. I am proud of how my three kids have turned out and my marriage - this is ultimately what is most important. I have also got the chance to help any people over the years.

Companies I like:

Estate Investment Companies, Oil and Gas, Construction, Any Companies wanting a Sales Executive to travel and service large clients. Procurement Companies needing a buyer. Drug Companies needing Executive traveling sales to existing and new accounts.


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I have vast experience in real estate in all aspects from valuation, purchasing, developing, investing, rental markets. Construction, inspections and feasibility of real estate. Managing of several businesses, Country Club, non-profit, retail, sales, insurance, securities, automotive and home building. My responsibilities have been from taking an idea completely through a finished project with it up and running successfully. All business decisions, financing, planning, designing, marketing, quality control, training, HR, safety, accounting and most legal issues I do personally. I then pass them along to other partners, employees, volunteers or Board members. I am also a very hands on type of person; I will build repair, remodel, fix, or tear down as needed if I cannot find the right sub-contractor. I have also ran a side excavating business with numerous types of equipment which my partner and I personally operated, transported, and maintained as needed.