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RssJava Developer, Minneapolis

Moumita Biswas (651) 428-2869 / (651) 204-7001 PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY: · Highly motivated with over 5 years of experience in the field of multi-tier distributed applications, business process re-engineering and client/server development projects, with a zest for databases and e-commerce. · Experience in designing and developing web applications using JSP, Servlets, JDBC, Web Services · Strong Experience on client side design and development using Java, JavaScript, XML, CSS, XHTML, HTML, PHP, iText. · Extensive experience in design and development of reusable systems and web applications with J2EE technologies like JSP, EJB, Servlets, JDBC . · Experience in designing, developing and validating Internet/Intranet Applications with Web Services, SOAP, HTTP, Java, JSP, Servlets, JDBC, XML, HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript. · Fundamental knowledge of working with NetBeans, .Net Framework, Visual Studio, Eclipse. · Extensive knowledge and understanding of Oracle, SQL, MySQL and JDBC. · Strong experience in developing and validating Web Services using XML, SOAP. · Full life cycle experience in implementing web applications using Object Oriented programming techniques. · Experience with onsite-offshore team coordination to facilitate technical specifications sign-offs and client agreements and carried out data validations with database team & handled database using SQL, Oracle. · Document preparation including Requirement Specification, design documents, Use Case, Flow Chart, Step Diagram, Work Flow diagram, Test cases and Analysis, User Training documents and Technical Help documents. · Have excellent Communication, Interpersonal, Analytical, Presentation skills and ability to work independently with minimal supervision as well as perform as part of a team. · Self-motivated and have the ability to learn and use new systems and paradigms in considerably less time. TECHNICAL SKILLS: Web Technologies Java, Servlets, JSP, EJBs, XML, Web Services (HTTP, XML, SOAP, WSDL) Application Servers WebLogic Application Server, Tomcat Server, JBoss, Websphere Programming Languages C, C++, Java, J2EE, SQL Development Framework and APIs Struts, Spring, Hibernate, Log4j , JUnit Scripting and Markup HTML, XML, XHTML, XSLT, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery Database Oracle9i, MySQL, SQL Server, MS Access. Operating Systems UNIX, Linux, Windows 98/2000/XP/7/NT and MS-DOS Business Modeling Microsoft Office Suite: Word, Excel, Power Point, Visio, SharePoint Other Utilities Eclipse, RAD, NetBeans, Visual Studio 2008/2010, .Net Framework., iText WORK EXPERIENCE: Wells Fargo Home Mortgage IT – Minneapolis, MN Application Systems Engineer - 4 April 2012 – November 2012 Home Preservation and Automation - Wells Fargo Bank is one of the largest banks in North America. Wells Fargo Home Mortgage is part of Wells Fargo bank, which specializes on mortgage solutions. The IT department is responsible for maintaining the critical solutions and business process following all the mandatory and required policies and regulations. The Job involves working as a full time employee for Wells Fargo IT as App System Engineer in the field of development of web and core applications for the core mortgage business solutions. The job also demands developing hands on J2EE web applications using Spring framework 3.0, Spring MVC, Hibernate, PDF with iText and various proprietary technologies like rule engine and COBRRa and ARgenT Responsibilities · Design, analysis and development of web applications with front-end tools like Spring MVC, iText, Servlet, J2EE and JavaScript. · Worked as J2EE developer to integrate and develop the company specific framework called “Transformation Framework” which is based on Apache Commons Transformation framework. · Learned and worked on Wells Fargo made custom software tools and custom language called COBRRa and ARgenT to develop business rules. · Working with business analyst and other developers on day-to-day support activities of the already developed J2EE applications and business Web Services. Environment: Java, Jsp, Servlets, J2EE, Spring MVC, Transformation Framework, iText PDF library. Project Descriptions: · Capsheet PDF Report: As a part of the Decisioning Strategy team, the project involves analyzing huge business rules and data transformations. The business of the project is basically to provide a loan decision based on thousands of rules and criteria. The application determines borrowers loan criteria and provides all necessary data depending on an existing loan or a new loan. I worked on generating a Capsheet PDF on demand populating data depending on various loan types, policy types, loan number and client number. The PDF is generated on the fly satisfying all the business logics and conditions involved in the loan. Used iText, an open source and widely used library to design the template of the PDF. · Transformation Framework: As a part of the project initiation, the activity involves learning and integrating/developing part of the company specific framework 'Transformation Framework', based on Apache Common's Transformation. During initiation of the Decisioning Strategy project, many data type transformations were needed along with the corresponding huge business rules. This framework was made to integrate on the project’s actual Spring Framework to make it work. · COBRRa and ARgenT support: These are custom proprietary tools of Wells Fargo which help the business to define all specific business rules for data manipulation. The system internally runs the drools engine. The COBRRa software is used to create very complex business rules and are also used in the areas that involves very complex mortgage and loan financing data handling. Used ARgenT to test the rules authored in COBRRa to see those are running fine. Various forms of testing such as Normal testing, Unit Testing, Load Testing and many more can be carried out in the system. Working in COBRRa and ARgenT requires very good understanding of the business need and very good architectural analysis of the business requirements provided by the business people Worked as Freelance – Minneapolis, MN Java & Web Developer November 2010 – Dec 2011 Shopping Ecommerce website- Shopping Ecommerce website development for Leading UK Clothing line. It displays categories of Men’s, Women’s & Kid’s garments. Customer can select a product and add to a shopping basket. After shopping is done they can do checkout and complete the order by paying though Paypal online processing system. Customers can check the order status. It comes with an Admin Panel which admin can use to change the status of the order from ‘New’ to “Shipped’ or ‘Processing’ or ‘Cancel’. Responsibilities · Worked as freelance web developer to develop the ecommerce website for one of UK’s clothing line. This startup company sells T-Shirts and garments online. · Developed the web application using Jsp, Servlet in Tomcat server connecting to the MySQL database for fetching and maintaining the data. · Involved in resolving the production issues. · Designed the database and developed the website from scratch. For front-end GUI part JSP, HTML, JavaScript have been used. · Servlet and DAO layer has been used to interact with database to retrieve and update data. · Involved in fixing many bugs in project. · Deployed the application in Apache Tomcat Application server. Environment Java, Jsp, Servlets, JavaScript, Struts 1.2, NetBeans, Tomcat & MySQL database. Worked as freelance – Minneapolis, MN Aug 2009 - Sep 2010 Java Application Developer Standalone Java Application - A stand-alone java application has been written for California based Medical consultation company, Naturesgetaway MC. This app connects to the main and core database of the company to retrieve the registered patient data and generate weekly data feed and upload that data feed to a FTP site. The FTP site is owned by a third party patient verification vendor who reloads the data feed in csv format and load their database. They use their updated database to verify patients. Responsibilities · Developed the app using Java. · DAO layer has been created to connect to the Oracle database and retrieve the patients’ data to generate the feed. After the data feed is completed, it connects to the FTP to upload the feed and then sends email to admin once completed. · Involved in fixing many bugs in project. · Used Eclipse as IDE Environment : Java, Oracle, Log4j. Webspiders India Pvt Ltd. – Kolkata, India March 2004 - July 2006 Java Developer DVD Renter systems - DVD renter was a DVD renting website which allows end users to create account and select the DVD they want to rent and create a queue to put the DVD on hold. The DVD will be mailed to the user as per the DVD they have sorted and maintained in the queue. Webspiders was responsible to develop the website from scratch including the DVD titles inventory management systems as well as the front end systems for the end users to create account and sort the titles they like in the queue. The entire project has been phased out in multiple modules like sales module, DVD title procurement module, user management module etc. Responsibilities § Involved in analysis, design and development of DVD title procurement module for an online DVD renter management system in US. § Created customized java standalone application for parsing the titles of DVD data feed on every Friday from the suppliers. The standalone app gets activated every Friday night and download the data feed in CSV format from SFTP server and starts populating the new DVDs into the database. § Developed application using Eclipse. § Involved in implementing database design, connectivity and access. § Wrote Oracle queries and used JDBC API to connect to the database to load the data. § Worked in Windows environment for building the application using Eclipse. § Developed test cases and performed unit testing using JUnit. Environment : Java SDK 1.4, JDBC MySQL, Eclipse IDE, Microsoft Visio. Webspiders India Pvt. Ltd. – Kolkata, India March 2004 - July 2006 Java Developer Nalanda LMS - Nalanda LMS is a LMS software that is targeted as a learning solution for the enterprises. This LMS can be useful for corporate having more than 1000+ employees spread across multiple offices. With this LMS software the training division can push mandatory learning courses to employees and can track if they have attended it or not. The LMS software is equipped with student tracking system to track individual level course progress. The front end is developed with Adobe Flash and the middle layer is developed with Servlet and MySQL being the database. The server is Tomcat so that the entire application can be very lightweight in terms of packaging. It supports industry leading SCORM compliant courses. Responsibilities § Involved in analysis, design and development of Nalanda LMS system. § Created step and work flow diagrams using Microsoft Visio for presentation. § Followed iterative approach in timely manner. § Developed middle layer using Java Servlet. § Involved in implementing database design, connectivity and access. § Wrote MySQL queries and used JDBC API to connect to the database to fetch the data and send the response to the Front End JavaScript framework and Adobe Flash in required format. § Worked in Windows environment for building the application using Eclipse. § Developed test cases and performed unit testing using JUnit. § Used Tomcat Server for deploying various components of application. Environment: JAVA, J2EE, Java SDK 1.4, JSP, JDBC, OOAD, Servlets, MySQL, Apache Tomcat 4.0 server, NetBeans IDE. Webspiders India Pvt Ltd. – Kolkata, India March 2004 - July 2006 Java Developer Technical Support - Webspiders has developed an ERP application for an UK based client specialized in selling software and hardware and electronics application in private and public/government sectors. The company is big IT giant in UK and they hired Webspiders as after sales support and providing maintenance for the ERP application. The application is backbone for the company sales, which has millions of product being registered every day by their content management team. The application was developed using HTML, JavaScript, ASP and SQL Server. Responsibilities § Managing day-to-day technical supports/tickets for the application logged by the end users and client team in Help Desk. § On demand and on time technical support/ticket analysis and fixing data in SQL Server or updating XML, JavaScript. § Helping the client IT and content team to manage the technical content and data for end users in HTML, JavaScript and CSS. § Coordinating with client IT and content team to understand issues and apply fixes to provide work around solutions on time. Environment: Web Support, HTML, JavaScript, XML.

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