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2004 – 2010 (Titan Corporation, L3, GLS global linguist solution) COB Speicher, FOB Brass Felid Mora, PB Olson, PB Love, FOB Warrior, FOB EKO, FOB Khalis, FOB Summrall, Camp Hilla, Camp Basrah, Iraq Experience :- I worked with US forces at Iraq for more than 7 years as a linguists active duty – I never served in old Iraqi army but I have a experience to use the weapons I learned that during my time working with USA forces, I am able to firearms / off-road driving / first aid / communications, Fluent Arabic ( speaking, read, write ) English ( read, write, speaking ), I worked as a office manager of communications & IT manger at PJCC plus attached to Media Department at same center, Supervising arranging up & securing for Iraqi elections in 2004 – 2006 (( Local , Government )). I have done a (( QRF – Quick Reaction Forces )) it’s with USA army, I worked as cars dealer, and I worked for Chevrolet before.

Advertising Sales Agent

Tempe, AZ

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Advertising Sales Agent

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Tempe, AZ