Nancy H

Marketing specialist, Marketing Manager, Customer Service Manager, Nan Hume, Coaching Specialist, Patient Relations Coordinator, Verification Specialist


Medical Office Manager


Peoria, IL

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One of my career goals is to lead a Department or business unit while keeping my employees motivated. My objective is multifaceted. I want to use my public speaking skills and attention to detail by speaking to mid-size/large audiences and advise ways to improve their cost savings structure, help people realign their goals by approaching their business model, to assist in a better cost savings approach which, in turn will increase their profit margin. I need to use my Bachelor of Business Administration both as a leader, working independently on major projects and as a collaborator. I enjoy a fast past environment. I want to expedite major marketing techniques, accounting and business projects, human resource projects using my project management background education. I have experience hiring employees


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Morton High School general - regular high school classes High School/GED Degree



I have received continual raises for my effort to increase production in previous transcription positions I have held before earning my Associates Degree. Also, previous to earning my Associates Degree, I accepted a position in a physician’s office in which their dictation was three months behind. I was hired to both get transcription production caught up to approximately a week’s turnaround. This was accomplished in three months’ time. Additional physicians joined the group, making the total to seven physicians serving approximately 6000 patients, three Medical Intensive Care Units and three hospitals in the city. The administrator wanted a turnaround time of one day. I successfully completed this task in approximately three months while the patient load continually increased. The recognition I received from this was a meager raise plus my own office, promoting me the Department Head. Department Head was my proud moment because this achievement entailed much effort on my part and as part of my work ethic, I undertook it because it was asked of me. An additional part of my responsibility was to assist in the hiring of additional employees to help me keep the turnaround time at one day. Three more people were hired.

Companies I like:

OSF St. Francis Medical Center, Peoria, IL; Proctor Hospital, Peoria, IL; Caterpillar Tractor Company, Peoria, IL; companies who need motivational public speakers; marketing companies, research companies.


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Work for medium to large office, professional, highly motivated employees of a high caliber (high work ethic), seeking excellence in what they accomplish realizing we are imperfect individuals. I am seeking employees who choose to do more than their “fair share”, which is demonstrated in their work and work ethic. Prefer employees who have an intellectual mannerism presented through their behavior and still have the ability to have fun while at work. I want to lead, manage the department or business unit, however, while leading my employees, in my opinion, this does mean micro-managing. Because of their work ethic, they will be very capable of performing their work with little to no supervision and present their thoughts, ideas and data in a concise format. Congeniality is also important. As mentioned above, work ethic is very important. I would also want the ability and flexibility to travel to different branches of the company/organization and both make presentations and listen to other’s thoughts and ideas. I am willing to give 110% to people who are willing to do the same.