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RssSenior Medical Technologist, LabCorp

OBJECTIVE Medical Technologist, or commensurate with experience PROFILE Highly qualified professional offers superb decision-making skills, judgement, and outstanding initiative. Effective results provided using superlative management, critical thinking and analytical skills to accomplish a wide array of responsibilities. Exceptional skill demonstrated when working under high pressure utilizing innovative techniques and solid expertise. Extremely focused and motivated to achieve in a competitive, fast-paced professional setting. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE; Antech Diagnostic (Canine and Feline Blood Testing) 05 Nov.2009- 05 Mar.2010 Wake County Human Services Oct.2008 - MAY 2009 Quest Diagnostic ( On Assignment Agency ) Nov.21,2007-Nov.2008 DURHAM REGIONAL HOSPITAL, DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA 05 SEPTEMBER 2006 14 SEPTEMBER 2007 BIOMERIEUX, DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA ADECCO STAFFING AGENCY - 01 MARCH 2006 - 16 JUNE 2006 LabCorp, Preclinical Trials, RTP 1998 - 2005 Senior Technologist Receive specimens and record identification after verifying that data is accurate and in compliance with department guidelines. Test each specimen according to established procedures and guidelines. Track and manage inventory of supplies and materials, and place orders for stock replacements as necessary. Draft and maintain proficiency and compliance documentation for all tests performed in accordance with CLIA and SAMSA standards and regulations. Conduct quality assurance procedures to ensure the accuracy of testing of specimens by following department and vendor quality assurance testing protocols. Review and evaluate specimen tests for completeness and accuracy before releasing. Perform preventative maintenance on equipment and keep detailed records of all maintenance steps taken. Assess needed repairs, make minor fixes or contact appropriate personnel for problems requiring repairs that are more complex. Supervise the repair work and establish that repairs have been done satisfactorily and in compliance with factory and medical policies. Report test results to clients within established periods and protocols. Work with management on various miscellaneous projects. Maintain clean workstation and assit other areas/rotations within the department. Substitute on rotations when staff shortages demand. Perform peer and work review to verify the completeness and accuracy of the work of colleagues. Conduct training of all new employees in the procedures, policies and methods required to complete the work and provide information and mentoring to employees as they progress through the training period. LabCorp, York Court 1976-1998 Burlington, NC *Kernodle Clinic 1992-1998 Burlington, NC *Wesley Long Hospital 1982-1992 Greensboro, NC *Denotes part time job EXPERIENCE PRIOR TO FIFTEEN YEARS 1975-1976 L. Richardson Hospital, Greensboro, NC 1974-1975 Sacred Heart Hospital, School of Medical Technology-Clinical Training, Pensacola FL 1971-1974 Milton Hospital, Milton, FL EDUCATION B.S.M.T. 1968 Centro Escolar University Manilla, Philippines ALICIA BAILEY 7209 NORDIC Dr. Wilmington,North Carolina 28411 Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Job Title: [Job Title] Medical Technologist Availability: Immediately Multifaceted, driven and highly motivated professional offering an exceptional ability to work under pressure with the skill to enhance operations, efficiency, and productivity seeks position that will utilize extensive experience in solid technical operations.. 1. Results-oriented providing mentoring and solid training in operations. Maintains strong communication with employees, developing an interactive, structured, and goal-oriented environment. 2. High degree of ethics with great communication and presentation skills; and competent . 1. Ability to work efficiently and effectively under time and pressure. As a Medical Technologist, I have to produce work that is on time and under a lot of time-related pressure. My results also have to be beyond any reasonable scrutiny as what I find due to testing often determines next steps, policies and adaptation of procedures. I also have to help others in their rotations and areas after my job is done and have to substitute whenever someone misses work. On top of the regular pressure associated with the job, there is also the pressure of living up to the expectations of management in regards to completing projects, both routine and special, according to their expectations. When completing these tasks, the job is not just to get done, but to also achieve the expected or desired outcomes. I thrive under these conditions. 2. Ability to work independently with little or no higher level supervision. Part of my role is to train employees in our procedures, policies and protocols. This includes teaching them methods to perform the job, and instructing and mentoring them to ensure that they can perform the job in a manner that meets management expectations. This requires a very high degree of working independently and also acknowledging that what I impart to the new employees will not only impact how they do their job but also reflect on me. Additionally, much of my daily routine is done independently and without any supervision, except during a review of the final product. I have to legibly record all specimens and verify that all specimens are properly identified and fall in compliance with department guidelines. 3. Ability to communicate clearly and in a timely manner with people from varying backgrounds. My job requires a lot of attention to detail and it also demands a high exposure to various entities and the ability to communicate with all sorts of people from differing backgrounds. I have to tell clients about the results of their testing as well as train new employees and interact with management. These demands require that I not only be able to communicate clearly and concisely, but also to assess each individual situation and communicate accordingly. 4. Knowledge of the principles of and skill in calibrating, maintaining troubleshooting and operating laboratory instruments within the assigned laboratory section 5. Ability to thoroughly complete detailed laboratory procedures by applying current knowleged of scientific theories and priciples. I not only have to be able to do my work according to scientific and laboratory procedures and principles, but also have to review the work of my peers to ensure that they have followed all the proper policies, procedures and protocols. I also have to apply quality assurance procedures to samples of work and have to document the results of those tests. Finally, I have to test specimens completely and accurately within established time frames and according to established procedures and because my work is also tested by my peers, my acumen for the work has to be strong.

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