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RssProcess Engineer

Ferris A. Modawar 346 Fawnridge 512-259-5780 Georgetown, Texas 78628 OBJECTIVE Seeking a technical position at ADVANCED INTEGRATION TECHNOLOGIES. I have 24 years experience in solar nano-fabrication, semiconductor research, amorphous silicon wires for lithium battery applications, silicon nanowires, semiconductor manufacturing specifically photo, metrology, and yield enhancement. I am confident that I will be successful in any position assigned to me. I am a creative thinker, willing to take on challenges that require learning new skills to benefit company goals and objectives, highly motivated, and I work well independently or in a team environment to drive projects to successful completion. PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY Process Development Engineer and Physical Scientist with diverse experience in nanotechnology, semiconductor and solar cell processes. Expertise in all processing steps required for the manufacturing of microchips. Please let me know how I can help your organization achieve its goals. I am presently employed in Woburn, Massachusetts on solar energy research. Recommendations and letters of Recognition upon request. EDUCATION BS Forensic Science and Chemistry; John Jay College of Criminal Justice, New York, New York George Washington University Washington DC; Nine credits Graduate Electrochemistry PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE BANDGAP ENGINEERING, Woburn, MA 2008 – Present Senior Research and Development Engineer • Improve photovoltaic cell energy efficiency with process fabrication technology • Develop solar cell cost models for manufacture scale-up • Enhance silicon solar cell absorption through low cost nanotechnology • Investigate passivation films to reduce electron-hole recombination sites • Optimize wet chemistry and physical deposition processes • Study the feasibility of amorphous silicon for lithium battery applications • Develop Reactive Ion Etch recipes to generate silicon nano-wires Owner/Manager of a Retail Store 2003 – 2007 • Improved Gross Sales by 64% within one year. • Manage hiring, payroll, and bookkeeping • Establish store policies for maximum customer satisfaction • Characterize the profitability of store products for greater Return on Investment. • Advertisement and specials to generate constant flow of customer. MOTOROLA, Austin, TX 1996 - 2003 Development Engineer of Advance Product Reticles Yield Enhancement Engineer • Represented Motorola‘s interests within the Reticle Technology Consortium. • Develop and implement CAR (Chemically Amplified Resist) for 18 million dollar ebeam writing tools. • Created new and improved processing procedures for the manufacturing of triple etch hardshifter Phase Shift Masks. (The PSM reticle technology extends the use of 20 million dollars stepper tools past its wavelength limitation.) • Took ownership to drive and escalate issues to complete solutions. • Partitioned Wafer Fabrication Process to isolate defects and Enhance Yield via process improvements. KLA INSTRUMENTS, Santa Clara, CA 1988 - 1995 Central Region Senior Defect Reduction Application Engineer Managed fourteen customer accounts through out the Central Region of the U.S. Responsible for mentoring internal champions for $1.9M inspection tool. Reported customer requirements, and industry trends to KLA marketing. • Managed on-site training, and defect reduction strategy courses. • Developed application strategy worksheets for the sales department. • Wrote technical papers with customers to highlight KLA success stories. • Surveyed customers for potential new products. OLIN HUNT, Providence, RI Research Manager of Photopolymer Applications Supervised three chemists and four technicians on experimental photoresist evaluations, and determined optimum process conditions for future marketable photoresist and developer systems. • Evaluated and wrote recommendations for capital investment of equipment. • Managed plant safety program- accident reports and safety incentives • Participated in state of the art lithography projects with equipment vendors. • Wrote customer documentation explaining quality control procedures at the plant. • Interviewed hired and conducted employee performance reviews. TEXAS INSTRUMENTS, Houston, TX Process Engineer, Photoresist and Metal Removal Department Managed and evaluated state of the art equipment, and reported on its applications to improve the yields and reliability of the semiconductor devices. • Supervised four engineering technicians. • Determined sizing specifications for processing of devices. • Controlled the wafer topography through special dry and wet etching techniques. • Handled disposition of misprocessed wafers. WALTER REED ARMY MEDICAL FACILITY, Washington, D.C. United States Army Institute of Dental Research, Division of Dental Materials Physical Scientist • Conducted electrochemical Corrosion studies to determine important metallic properties including spontaneous passivation, active corrosion, pitting, corrosion potential, critical anodic current density. GREENBURG POLICE DEPARTMENT, White Plains, NY Forensic Chemist PROFESSIONAL SKILLS • Engineering: Process Procedures, Metal Enhanced Silicon Etch, Nanotechnology, Defect Reduction, Statistical Sampling, SPC, Optical, Phase Shift Mask, Film Thickness Metrology and Yield • Research: Photoresist and Developer Systems, Solar Cell Process, Electrochemical Corrosion, Elastomeric and Acrylic Materials, Qualitative and Quantitative Analyses, Inorganic and Organic Compounds Evaluations, Evidence Collection and Preservation, Technical Writing Semiconductor: Microchip Processing, Dry & Wet Etch Processing, Chemically Amplified Resist (CAR), Ebeam Technology, PSM Reticle Technology, Reticle Fabrication, Resist Process Systems, Photolithography • Organizational: Sales and Marketing Support, Capital Investments, Reporting, Supervising, Customer Service, Field Training, Employee Reviews, Quality Control, Inspections, Intellectual Property, Issue Escalation, Own and Manage Retail Business Patents and Awards • US Patent 4,628,965 Aqueous Developing Solutions • US Patent 20,090,256,134 Fabricating Nanowire Array • Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities • Recipient of Navy Science Award for Number Theory • Purchase/Rebuilt Failing Business back to Impressive Profitability

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