Ashley S

Patient Care/Dialysis Technician


Medical & Clinical Laboratory Technician


Randallstown, MD

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December 23, 2015 Ashley Scroggins 1 Rock Story Court Randallstown, MD 21133 410-245-2603 Dear Hiring Manager, I am interested in the Dialysis Patient Care Technician position. I have two years of healthcare experience. I am currently at Home Dialysis of America (Maryland), where I had the opportunity to gain a sufficient knowledge of Hemodialysis, while utilizing and practicing clinical skills acquired from my recent schooling. I am interested in employment with your facility because I enjoy working with dialysis patients, I am fascinated with the way dialysis works to help them, and I am seeking full time hours. My tenure with my current facility has prepared me with training on NxStage to provide dialysis to patients unable to care for themselves, due to mental and/or physical disablilities.The combination of my laboratory and clerical skills, familiarity with medical terminology, and patient care is well suited for the position described. My experience relevant to the position includes; problem solving, great attention to detail, effective communication, and providing outstanding customer service. Home Dialysis has provided me the opportunity to be very hands on with providing care for the patients. As a result, I have become skilled in performing vascular access evaluation, proper wound care and dressing application, priming the cycler, intiating treatment and rinse back, administering heparin and saline, and documenting patient vitals. I also had the opportunity to collect blood cultures from the patient, utilize the centrifuge, and send off labs . With this experience, I have became competent in working closely with the physicians and staff in concentrated effort to offer quality patient care. I have also demonstrated knowledge of HIPPA and OSHA guidelines. Furthermore, I am a team player, enjoy being hands on, and have the ability to work in a fast paced and high stress environment. I look forward to speaking with you regarding the Patient Care Technicnian opportunity, and answering any further questions you may have. Thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely, Ashley Scroggins Enc. Resume