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Federal Government


Rutland, VT

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I am seeking a job that will allow me to use my experience in detecting money laundering, investigating housing issues, human trafficking, drug trafficking, law enforcement, banking, and security.


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Ohio Peace Officers Academy Conducting Criminal Investigations 2009 Certification Degree
Ohio Peace Officers Academy Conducting Internal Investigations 2009 Certification Degree
Ohio Peace Officers Academy Identifying Street Drugs 2009 Certification Degree
UT -Law Law 2002 Law Degree
US EEOC Investigating Federal Workplace Issues 2001 Certification Degree
Ohio School of Lending Mortgage Lending and Instalment Lending 1999 Certification Degree
Ashland University Business and Marketing 1996 Bachelor Degree
Huron High School College Prep 1991 High School/GED Degree



I have worked with both local and federal law related agencies on issues related to financial fraud, workplace violence, human trafficking, money laundering, and housing issues. My work includes research and investigation on both the local and national levels. I possess approximately nine years of experience in the banking and financial services industry. My experience in this venue includes training new tellers on bank security issues, money handling, BSA reporting, customer service, account operations, balancing processes, and light accounting. As a loan officer, I reviewed tax documentation, investigated tax documents, calculated loan payments, and researched appropriate lending tools. I also wrote installment loans and mortgages. Moreover, I conducted title searches at the local court house. I also worked with the Sheriff’s Department and the Local city P.D. to create a security program for new tellers, and banking staff. After leaving banking, I worked, at the Federal Level, with the U.S. EEOC. My work there included investigating hostile work issues occurring at Dulles Airport, just prior to the 9/11 attacks. Additionally, I worked, in conjunction with the DOJ, the SEC, and FTC, in to investigate complaints brought against financial advisors. I also, petitioned the Federal Judiciary, and other U.S. Senate members to obtain better oversight in the legal industry. My primary concerns, and efforts, included issues related to human trafficking, financial fraud, reducing hostile workplace violence, and national security breaches created by unethical lawyers and judges. I have also worked as a substitute teacher, in an inter city school system. I worked, in this capacity to combat gang violence, human trafficking, and school violence issues. I also created, initiated, and implemented proactive measures to combat gang related issues in the same, inner-city community. These included implementing strategies to combat sexual trafficking of children, drug prevention, and cleaning up gang related vandalism. In addition to these accomplishments, I assisted in investigating numerous legal complaints, in the Shaw District of D.C. My work in this capacity included conducting interviews, creating reports, and assisting in resolving legal problems, in a secure, non-hostile manner.

Companies I like:

Companies like ICS/Merrill and those dealing with law enforcement issues, legal analysis, ect. Any company that deals with money laundering, legal analysis, law enforcement, finance, and banking issues





Investigation Research Analysis Report Writting Human Relations