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RssAerospace Engineer

I recently graduated UCF with a BSAE in May 2011. As an undergraduate I chose to take several graduate level courses as electives and intend to continue my studies to complete a MSAE. For graduate school I will choose the thermo fluids option, which would provide me further knowledge in the aerospace/mechanical discipline. Throughout my academic career I have acquired a solid engineering foundation so that I could apply what I have learned to the current engineering obstacles that are present today and those that we may anticipate in the future. Graduate school would further deepen my understanding of engineering principles, methods, knowledge and techniques so that I could better serve the aerospace and mechanical fields. Currently, the energy issue has been a hot topic and will continue to be until innovative ideas revolutionize the way people create power. It will take great efforts by many to achieve this. Applying my knowledge of aerodynamics, fluid mechanics, heat transfer and combustion to the energy problems of today is an option that I would like to further pursue. Several companies would harness such opportunity such as Siemens, General Electric and Rolls Royce to name a few. Each of these companies share a common endeavor which is to better meet the energy needs of today efficiently, environmentally friendly and economically by means of turbines. I intend to devote my graduate studies to better understand the turbine and all of its components so that I can soon make great contributions to the effectiveness of turbines for sustainable power globally. As a graduate student I also plan to spend time exploring other methods that would contribute to the energy sector including wave, wind, nuclear and solar energy. It is clear that today each country is facing an energy crisis and it is evident that many countries want old practices to change but do not know how to get started to make a difference. It is a necessity of all engineers to make changes happen. Completing my MSAE would make me a better candidate to help lead this effort and make the standard of life a bit better for everyone around the world. As an engineer I would make it a priority to raise the standards of how people produce energy so that it is more accessible to people around the world, more efficiently created, more cost efficient and more environmentally friendly.

Aerospace Engineer

Longwood, FL

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Aerospace Engineer

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Longwood, FL