Allan M

Electrical & Electronic Equipment Assembler - 20 Years of Experience - Near 18076


Electrical & Electronic Equipment Assembler


Red Hill, PA

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Trade School

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What I bring to the table: In combination with a twenty plus year Field Engineering background and over ten years’ in-house production line maintenance experience setting up and participating in various shops that include a proficiency in the use of hand tools, test equipment, calibration, certification, installation, maintenance and repairs of electrical and mechanical equipment. · Setup and start up of specialty machinery; point to point power and signal wiring; creating, instituting and performing practical maintenance programs (PM and Predictive) based on individual machine performance to achieve overall efficiency; outlining individual shift responsibilities and manufacturing processes. - I maintained a consistent downtime percentage of less than 2% (1.8% average from the original 18%) and an accuracy rate exceeding the company’s guaranteed 96% “Read Rate” (98% average from the original figure of 93%) for three and a half years – Accu-Sort (UPS Facility, Philadelphia Airport, 118 pieces of equipment) · I initiated a practical PM schedule that was both adaptable and compatible to the customer’s constantly changing schedules; established an on-site component level repair depot and test diagnostics to reduce “turn-around” time on repairs to less than one four hour shift, increasing reliability. – Accu-Sort (UPS Facility, Philadelphia Airport ) · I wrote and established the GMP and QC procedures for manufacturing in providing a documented Quality Standard for assembling and building production machines (Nano Imprint on Silicon Wafer) – Nannonex (startup) · Implemented and established a formal Maintenance Department and established a PM schedule while tracking in-house projects, maintenance, inventories and department costs ( $20M in equipment and $500K in inventories at Parmalat) to show a profit for the first time in 3 years – Parmalat Dairies, Quality Foods · I Incorporated individual PM’s and preventive maintenance procedures and adapting new equipment and environments resulted in downtime dropping to 3.5% from the original 14% in less than two years. (Decreasing downtime from 13.4 hours average based on a 6 day work week to 1.2 hours average on a return to a 5 day work week. Covering a 16 hour / 7 day production week) – Quality Foods · Set up infrastructure, 2 field offices, support inventory and communications to cover new Locomotives on 800 miles of track for a contract 24 hour / 7 day coverage – Alstom Transportation I also have a proficiency in the use Excel spreadsheets and Access databases to customize, streamline and track costs, inventories, repairs, maintenance, scheduling and the organizing of field operations that included multiple sites. I have also written and produced instruction manuals utilizing Microsoft Word, Visio and PowerPoint presentations for individual training in the use of these custom programs, maintenance and repair procedures and manufacturing processes. · I wrote and developed a database in Access to organize and coordinate functions between three remote sites to fully support inventory and repairs at all levels, to effectively reduce cost of inventory and the real estate required, allow remote troubleshooting on the locomotives by establishing a separate and portable database of the error codes into an upstream / downstream diagnostic tool based on the Locomotive operational and fault computer codes and installed this database on all the field Laptops while directly supporting ( repairs and updates ) the product as a “one man” site in Boston and direct support to the field office in NYC, Deleware and Tarbes, France – Alstom Transportation · I wrote, developed and managed a custom Access database to combine and organize all management functions, a spare parts inventory, PM‘s, repairs, daily activities and time management - compatible and in line with the customer’s annual corporate audit and Accu-Sort’s contract requirements reducing the annual week long audit by three days and allowing better achievement of contract goals and reducing costs – Accu-Sort (UPS Contract) · I developed, managed and maintained a professional database in Access to organize all customer repair information and functions to automate the Help Desk, scheduling and tracking of in-house projects, updates of system software and diagnostics for use in the field, and to coordinate the shop and repair depots into a single source – Harland America · I developed and maintained five separate databases in Access 7 to provide a user friendly system to store information during the build of prototypes for five professional writers (operational and repair manuals) to pull their reference information when needed (a separate database for each project) while writing the manuals. Each database was designed to accompany the field installation and service teams as a quick source to function, maintenance, repair procedures and processes on a laptop until after the installation and acceptance - ETC





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