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RssSenior Software Developer / Architect

A dedicated professional with over 23 years of professional experience in software development. Seeking for a position to use an incredible programming / analytical experience to make a great profit to a company and provide new opportunities for professional growth in software and hardware, network and systems engineering. My working solutions solve different problems in medicine and geophysics. They automate medical offices bringing to the several hundreds of medical practices and thousands of providers a new level of speed and convenience; help over two millions of patients to save their time during the office visits allowing them to complete the medical histories from home on line through the Internet at any time. My other solutions control mass-spectrometers, run geophysical monitoring and data acquisition and processing, including calculation of fluctuations’ spectrum, time-spectrum analysis and filtering of big arrays of data, process multi-channel data including cross spectrum and cross correlation, distributed client-server systems for human brain EEG monitoring, visualization and analysis. Having the over 15 years experience of writing the client-server programs and databases for gliding and accounting, office automation and development helps me to provide very efficient solutions in different areas. Over 10 years of experience in LAN/WAN installation, support, maintenance and administration, excellent troubleshooting, debugging, test control and enhancements and new software development skills, excellent customer support skills, and over 10 years experience as a lecturer help me to be an outstanding professional able to solve many problems. For many years I was deeply practicing in design, development and implementation of different medical related solutions for Human Brain Monitoring Systems, Electronic Medical Records, Patient scheduling, Billing and Accounting, Office Automation, Network Security, etc. My client-server applications are working 24/7 with over two millions of medical patients, several thousands of medical providers and several hundreds of medical offices located in different states. I would be happy to consider any serious offer letting me use my tremendous experience and potential in software design and development to bring a significant profit to the company.

Application Support

Chandler, AZ

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Chandler, AZ