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RssGlaziers union 1009-26yrs member in good standing!/ I ran million $ work!

I am excellent with blueprints,finding mistakes that could cause $100s of thousands later in a project. The reason I am out of work is when the recession hit I was doing a twin 50 story job on the jersy city waterfront! I was employed on alot of the buildings that went up! Then the bad news,housing market dropped lowww! So investors pulled 40 BILLION in contracts,there goes glaziers carpenters ironheads,electritions,painters,etc.,you name it were all sittig without work! My unemployment ran-out long ago,this December 20 will be 2yrs. out for me! I have rarely been afloat,my home was lost to foreclosure,Any work i get now is building custom bikes,mostly antique Harlrys & I work on cars,or if I get a const.job I take it on my own--Always for cash,the gov. never helped me,they took my home that was passed down to me. This is where I stand! Richie

Property Site Manager

Union, NJ

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Real Estate & Building Maintenance


Property Site Manager

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Union, NJ