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Springfield, MA

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Cover Letter I have been an artist for many years. I cover a broad spectrum of mediums, such as Airbrush as well as the traditional methods IE; painting and drawing. Fortunately, I can transfer these skills to the computer-- becoming a 3D Artist. I currently Work for Lockheed Martin as a 3d simulations and Graphic artist. My goals To use my 3D modeling and animation skills for either Government or Game companies What I like most about my primary skills I use good precision to animating characters. I tend to give credit to my musical performance/reading background, since music and animation share similar elements such as understanding space time and feel; three components which are essential for developing a convincing animation. What sets me apart from others? I consider myself a "Generalist", meaning I understand many aspects of the CGI production flow IE; Concept, modeling, rigging, texturing, lighting and animating. I tell others that it's important to be a "Jack of all trades" in this field, but a master of one". I follow this philosophy. Where would I like to be professionally in a year? I want to find myself at a production studio artist and eventually become a creative director and also, write 3DS Max tutorials for Autodesk Since I am an Autodesk Certified trainer. My best attributes? I tend to like the modeling and animating characters more. It's rewarding to have the ability to "Breath” life into a creation". I am a team player, but also responsible to work alone. Cinematic production is very interesting to me. I hope to work by Jan 2011 Feel free to contact me any time. Thankyou. Michael J. Lazarus 518-209-0432