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Tony Quach - Quality Assurance Analyst • 214-796-1701 (texting ok) Tony worked more than 15 years in manual testing, test automation and test planning for multi-tiered web applications. He participated in Daily Scrum and Extreme Programming for several long-term projects. He worked as a QA Engineer with programming experience for various clients in North Texas, e.g. EDS, Network Associates, Blockbuster,, etc. He also worked as a hands-on Development Outsourcing Manager with 10 employees in Vietnam at 4 different locations. He programmed in C# for ASP.NET and SQL Server and VBScript (QTP: QuickTest Professional) and TCL (WinRunner). He also programmed in scripting languages such as TCL/TK (for EDS) and TSL (Test Script Language for WinRunner). PEOPLE SKILLS • Negotiated contract terms with offshore programmers. • Trained and managed offshore developers (3 years under • Led teams through the entire product lifecycle (10+ years) • Worked as a QA Manager (7 years under Distributed Bits,, and Hewlett-Packard) • Developed QA processes, test plans and wrote automation test scripts in collaboration with developers (10+ years) • Fluent in English, Vietnamese (lived in Vietnam 14 years) and German (lived in Germany 7 years). TECHNICAL SKILLS • 10+ QA years with manual and automated testing and test planning for multi-tiered web applications • Programmed in C# under ASP.NET with SQL Server • Programmed in VBScript (QuickTest Pro records test in VBScript) and JavaScript • Worked with QuickTest Professional 9.0, Test Director 7.6, and WinRunner 7.6 • Created test metrics and performed all types of formal testing: functional verification, system testing, vendor integration, regression and User Acceptance Test. EDUCATION • Graduated with B. S. in Mathematics and Computing from the University of Texas at Arlington. • Attended various software engineering and other training programs inside EDS, IBM and elsewhere. EMPLOYMENT HISTORY Feb 2010 – Aug 2010 Contract QA Analyst for and ( • Created test scenarios based on use cases. • Created test coverage matrix and other test plans. • Worked with developers in Vietnam to review their user stories (extreme programming). • Helped Texas managers to handle coordination between Vietnam and Texas. • Worked with testers in Vietnam to consider a test automation plan using QTP Sep 2008 – Jan 2010 C# Development Teams Offshore QA Manager ( • Managed project and QA timelines. • Trained and managed offshore developers and testers • Programmed in C#, SQL Server, JavaScript, HTML, CSS… • Designed and coded server-side subsystems for a complex web community • Programmed and maintained TSGGML, the Vietnamese version of HTML • 214-796-1701 (texting cell phone) Nov 2007 – Aug 2008 QA Engineer & Offshore Development Manager (,, • Managed offshore designers, programmers and testers. • Produced test plans and wrote manual test cases. • Created an intranet site full of scripted procedures to mine production/development data. • Worked with stored procedures to modify test databases (SQL Server). Nov. 2004- April 2005 M2M Device Tester for • Sign off internal QA certification • Created manual test scenario for M2M devices • Supported customer care to deal with field diagnosis of devices in use outside of Texas Jun. 2004- Aug. 2004 Web Tester for Skylamart Store Front & Back Office Systems • Supported development by tracking web errors due to back-end or database problems • Translated marketing requirements into quality metrics. • Used TestDirector to report errors. Jan. 2004-Apr. 2004 - 4 Months with Blockbuster, Inc. Web Developer & QA Analyst • Worked with Blockbuster Data Warehouse • Programmed a Project Intranet in VBA using MS-Access and MS-Excel. • Analyzed customer data and created custom reports for the project. • Programmed an interface between TestDirector and the Project Intranet • Carried out custom programming requests internal to a large-scale retail project. • Authored the User Acceptance Test Plan based on Project Test Strategy. Oct. 2003-Jan. 2004 - 4 Months with Network Associates Siebel-SAP Data Analyst – QA Analyst • Used LoadRunner 7.6 to interact with Siebel Sales 7. • Created data analysis routines in MS-Excel VBA Macro Script Language. • Created SQL queries to validate against actual order records from production. Used the Microsoft SQL-DMF SQL Query Analyzer Version SQL 8.00. Worked with Stored Procedures • Compared CRM data extracted from Siebel and SAP with key records. • Worked with Test Director 7.6 Defect Tracking System. Sept. 2001 – Feb. 2003 - 17 Months with EDS PLM Solutions Systems Engineer / Website Developer • Full Life Cycle Development; Coded in TLC/TK to test SLATE. • Supported General Motors, defense contractors and internal users in the testing of Teamcenter Requirements as a system component of the Teamcenter Product Lifecycle Management platform. • Was trained by EDS to program in TLC/TK under SLATE by SDRC for requirements engineering. • Carried out test activities on Solaris and HP-UX boxes in an EDS test lab for PLM Teamcenter. • Designed and rolled out a custom extreme programming process for use by an eight-engineer software development team of EDS PLM Solutions. • Participated in the extreme programming process and worked with the Teamcenter Requirements Product Manager and engineers to develop customer requirements in term of features and stories. • Programmed and generated project reports for use by managers to keep track of project progress. • Did all the test planning and worked out a regression test plan for Teamcenter Requirements. • 214-796-1701 (texting cell phone) December 2000 – April 2001 - IPIN.COM, Belmont, CA QA Engineer / Hands-on Manager • Was responsible for development of detailed test plans through research and analysis of pre-defined business requirements. • Trained new testers. • Coded automated test script, in TSL for WinRunner. • Tested the iPIN web-based payment technology. Environment: Unix, Windows 2000, NT, Java, Weblogic, Oracle • Built from the ground up an interactive website for internal tracking of development and test data. Environment: Windows 2000, NT, JDBC, Java, IIS, ASP, JavaScript, VBScript, HTML, DHTML, InterDev, FrontPage, MS Visual Basic, SQL and Access. • Created a work request tracking system so that defect reports, development issues and customer calls can all be handled by the same system. • Wrote up several procedures and network support and problem recreation. August 2000 – October 2000 - TQ CONSULTING, Dallas, Texas Website Development and Network Support • Created a website using Visual Studio. Set up network hardware and connect network boxes. Environment: Windows 2000, IIS, ASP, DHTML, JavaScript, Access, VB • Designed a database for use in development of a control data set. Environment: SQL Server • Created Java-applet utilities using Java 2 and Perl 5. Environment: Windows 2000, Java, Perl January 2000 – June 2000 - Six Months with CYBERSOURCE.COM, San Jose, CA QA Engineer / Hands-on Manager • Hired 5 testers in CA and 5 testers in NY and organized the QA team to test a web-based B2C application for of New York City. Worked out test plans and scheduled testers to match developers who were working day and night. Environment: ASP, Windows, IE, Netscape, Java, SQL Server, IIS, VBScript • Coded automated test script, in TSL for WinRunner. • Designed and programmed a website for use by testers and engineers to track bugs. Environment: Windows 95, 98, NT, SQL Server, ODBC, IIS, ASP, JavaScript, VBScript, VB, Access September 1999 – November 1999 - TELOCITY.COM, Cupertino, CA QA Engineer / Developer for Web-based Customer Care Tools & Utilities • Responsible for process improvement for the entire organization of 150 employees. The process improvement called for full understanding of current and target states of processes: Account Authentication, Connection Testing, Customer Billing, Customer Registration, Equipment Assignment, Equipment Delivery, Inventory Control, Issue Tracking, Network Configuration, Network Management, Order Fulfillment, and last but not least, Vendor Management. Environment: Unix, Windows, NT, Oracle, Java, JVM, Weblogic, Apache • Created a comprehensive test plan that includes a test coverage matrix. The user acceptance test plan worked out so well that the System Integration and Release Director bought the concept wholeheartedly and turned around in 24 hours. The day before Telocity's first user acceptance teleconference, he was pressing everyone to stop wasting time in writing up test scenarios and chase after bugs without any systematic approach. Right after the first user acceptance test teleconference, he wanted everyone to be writing test scenarios so that the next acceptance teleconference test of the web-based application would go even better. That event marked a major success because in less than three weeks, this candidate was able to greatly improve development and management behaviors for a company that wanted to challenge AOL and others in the residential wideband service market. • Took on a number of Process Engineering initiatives. Programmed in Java and Perl. • Programmed an interactive training module. Environment: Windows 98, NT, IIS, ASP, HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, VBScript, VB, Access • 214-796-1701 (texting cell phone) April 1999 – September 1999 - Six Months with Hewlett-Packard, Cupertino, CA QA Engineer • Worked with NT 4.0 and UNIX server programmers to maintain a degree of quality in their servlet code. Environment: HPUX, NT, Windows, Oracle • Installed Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5, installed Forte Release 3, installed Oracle Database, and installed other back-office server applications to create an appropriate test environment to validate NT 4.0 server code for a sales document processing system. Environment: Windows, NT, Oracle • Created and maintained an Intranet website using IIS to offer test support information to all internal testers. Environment: IIS, ASP, JavaScript, VB, Access, HTML • Programmed a utility to present server log data on the Intranet so that testers could view log files and server properties on the web without password access to the server itself. January 1998 – November 1998 - One Year in Distributed Bits, Chicago, IL QA Engineer / Hands-on Manager • Managed between 10 and 20 people depending on the test season. Created and maintained a test organization. • Proposed, designed and implemented a system to identify and map out each and every keystroke function in the internet application system ResponseNow, a virtual call center that enables an unprecedented level of interaction between a business and its customers. It automatically routes inbound e-mail to the correct representative and manages, tracks and archives the communications process. • Organized the QA team to test ResponseNow. Environment: Java, Unix, Windows, NT, Oracle • Proposed, designed and implemented a web-based test facility manager for total test accountability. It keeps track of, for example, who wrote which test scenario, who ran it, which functions are involved, which defects are uncovered by which test drives, which short cut keys have not been exercised in a particular regression test cycle. Environment: VB, IIS, ASP, VBScript, JavaScript, HTML, Windows, NT November 1996 - August 1997 - One Year with Hewlett-Packard, Cupertino, CA QA Engineer / Hands-on Manager • Had 6 direct employees - Formulated a quality policy - Devised a cohesive QA strategy; • Created a comprehensive test plan for HP's configuration sales support SAP client/server network project. • Was responsible for the accuracy and reliability of the project. • Managed the compliance of over 40 C++ and Visual Basic programmers in Hewlett-Packard at Cupertino, California. Used Visual Basic 4.00 and Access 7.0 under Windows NT 4.0 to custom program a test database management system for the project. • Used Segue's QA Partner and 4Test. • Environment: HPUX, VB, Access, Windows, NT, IIS, QA Partner (early version of Silk) September 1995 – February 1996 - Six Months with Performance Telecom, Irvine, CA Telecommunications & Telephony Consultant • Managed the test operations for the telecard services at Performance Telecom. • Analyzed production data for marketing analysis purposes. • Programmed a project Intranet for use by testers around the clock. • Programmed the telecard services using Visual Basic and Dialogic voice cards. 1988 – 1994 - Contracting in Germany Test Software Engineer • Programmed in C to create a file transfer program between OS/2 and MVS/TSO • Carried out a number of manual testing assignments

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