Richard P

Outstanding Sr. Manager - 20 years experience


General Manager


Gresham, OR

Education Level:

Some College Units Completed

Will Relocate:



Take on the operations and general management responsibilities in an agressive growth company and bring greater productivity, profitability and team success.




Operations Management: •Established infrastructure to successfully manage sustainable growth in a controlled organized manner leading to Sales growth from $34.2 million to $38.6 million, $41.2 Million and $43.7 million, average 9.21% growth and increased profit of $9.5 million over a three year span. •Lead operations turnaround to meet and exceed established strategic tactical plans and client satisfaction, resulting in 97% client retention, while building 7.5% total annual client increase. •Accountable for multiple departments yearly budgeting and revenue forecasting. Including expense, income, allocations and personnel. Complete P&L responsibility. Multiple project management functions. •Responsible for overall financial performance and control of company goals, including management of service, parts, sales and training, control of costs and employee compensation. •Negotiation of facility building leases and sub-leases, equipment and vendor services contracts, saving company over $28,000 yearly. •Successfully negotiated vendor contracts and business agreements, cultivate relationships. •Increased lean operations in inventory management, product ordering and replenishment programs. Achieving 4.3 inventory turn increase and 26% increased efficiency in ordering performance. •Recaptured 83% of previous lost warranty claims resulting in additional $93,000 in revenues. Leadership, Development and Training: •Designed and Implemented core training curriculums and provided ongoing training for Supervisors, Trainers and Managers using both classroom and one on one training techniques. Results achieved, operation efficiencies increased 12% during the two-year programs. Gross profits increased 18% through the two-year program period. Managers and supervisors increased effectiveness as leaders. Self-confidence, co-worker confidences and business measurements increased rapidly through the training process. •Created successful employee development and management successor plan leading to 2 corporate management promotions of direct reports. •Developed, Executed and Monitored strategic goals and accountability system programs for mid-level management team, resulting in increased revenue, recovery, profitability and employee promotions. Employee, Vendor, and Customer Relations: •Constructed and implemented Customer Support systems including Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) and Customer contracts. Analyzed and negotiated client terms and contracts, managed customer expectations surrounding support levels, and worked with management and support staff to increase customer satisfaction ratings. •Achieved highest level of productivity and efficiency by assessing organizational needs. Designed programs, processes and systems to enhance organizational effectiveness, leadership development, performance management, team development and individual capabilities. Marketing, Sales and Business Development: •Designed and set up an in-house advertising subsidiary company. Utilization of the saved agency fees, gained additional $12,000 per month in available advertising monies. Filing in-house co-op reimbursement requests gained an additional average of 5% or $3,500 per month. Additional co-op monies were used for employee rewards, incentives, company functions and share holder profits. •Evaluated and Improved accuracy of sales team monthly forecast reporting and accountability. Realized sales forecast accuracy increased from 76.1% to 94.7% in the first year. Sustained a 94.8% accuracy for 2nd year forecasting. Increased team sales $485,000. •Analyzed, Planned and Project Managed new store/branch opening. Allowing smoother development timelines, faster client development and increased income opportunities Resulting in a more timely ROI.. •Key team leader in securing new business, 7.5% increase, and retaining existing business with acceptable profit margins, GP Margins equal 11.7% - Sales, 35.8% - Parts, 63.2% - Service. Percentages reflect 2.2% - 5.0% overall increase in a down market averaging a 3.8 % market increase over a three year timeline.

Companies I like:

Small and mid-size company with growth forecast and expansion.


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Business Planning, Development & Analysis: Corporate/Regional/Branch/Department/Structure, Operations, Sales, Marketing, Reorganization, Staffing Facilities & Project Management: Design/Build out, Lease/Sublease, Timelines & Tracking Allocations Training & Development: Individual/Group, Management/Sales Teams, CSM, Retention Business & Finance: By Division/Branch/Region, P&L, Budget/Forecast, Cost, Compensation, Capital Expense Strategies & Planning: Organization Matrix, Corporate Structure, Management Successor, Performance Indicators, Marketing, Advertising, Product Development Business Relations: Business Development Presentation, Vendor Relations, Account Management, Customer Service, Sales Negotiation