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RssManager - Information Technology / Senior IT Systems Analyst

MANAGER OF INFORMATION SYSTEMS SENIOR IT SYSTEMS ANALYST IT CONSULTANT / CONTRACTOR Manager of Information Technology with over 12 years as IT Systems Manager and 8 years as Project ‎Manager with competence in handling multiple projects and budgets simultaneously. Highly skilled ‎technically, with competence in IT Business Planning, Budgeting, Risk Analysis, Change Management, Business ‎Analysis, and Process Improvement. Up-to-date on current technologies. Next career move is geared towards ‎mid-level to executive-level management in IT.‎ CAREER HIGHLIGHTS • Customer service focus and unwavering commitment to performing at the highest level of professional ‎excellence to lead project teams and systems teams 5 to 50 employees to achieve business results. ‎ • As Manager of Customer Integration Systems, setup and managed communications for over 150 existing ‎U.S. and Canadian customers. Added 50-60 new customers per year increasing revenues 20%.‎ • As Manager of Information Technology Customer Service, implemented one of the first web-based ‎applications for MI customers, increasing customer productivity, and ease of access to GE. Increased ‎productivity by 40% and reduced CPU utilization costs by 15% for this application.‎ • Implemented MRP-II Systems at multiple GE manufacturing locations; managed the MRP-II Council for all ‎GE Aerospace sites as Project Manager.‎ • As Manager of Information Technology Customer Service, implemented new Oracle/DB2 based Rates ‎System, decreasing response time by 40%. Decreased CPU costs by approximately 50%.‎ Financial Analysis • Forecasting • Compliance • Resource Management • Global Market Expansion Project Planning and Management • Program Management • Information Technology Planning Complex Problem-Solving • Quality Control • Structured Application Programming (SAP), CMMI, Enterprise ‎Resource Planning (ERP), Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRPII), Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), ‎Customer Relations Management (CRM)‎ Certifications: Green Belt Certified Six Sigma • Resource Allocation Control Facility (RACF) Certified: ‎Mainframe/UNIX • Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification in progress • Information ‎Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) Certification in progress • CISSP Certification in progress.‎ Operating Systems: UNIX (VEdit/XEdit), MVS/ZOS, VAX, DOS, Windows 95-Windows 7, LINUX, ‎UNIX, Mainframe (NVS/ZOS).‎ Programming: C, SQL, MQ Series, COBOL, Assembler, VB 6.0, HTML, CICS, Inter-test, IDMS, ADS, ‎MAP, DC-COBOL, EDI X.12, XML, Unix Scripting, Java Scripting, J2EE, VBA, ASP, Perl, VB Script, CSS, IIS, ‎SAS, EZTrieve, Visual Studio, Visual Interdev, Proprietary Software Apps.(hybrids), .NET, WebSphere.‎ Telecommunications: TCP/IP, SNA/LU6.2, Terminal Services, Frame Relay, Networks, Routers, ‎Multiplexers.‎ Hardware: Mainframe Systems, DASD Systems, Distributed Systems (client-server), PC Systems, Servers, ‎SQL Servers, UNIX, CISCO, SUN.‎ Databases: SQL, ORACLE 9i/10g, IDMS, Sybase, DB2, BMC, SPUFI, Patrol/Rapid SQL, Schemas/Sub-‎schemas, data loading (ETL), Database interfaces (platforms/communications), packages, stored procs, ‎security, upgrades.‎ Other Software/Tools: Microsoft Office Suite, MS Project, VISO, VSAM (ESD/KSD), ‎TSO/ISPF/SDSF/File Aid, Servlets, Flash, Web apps (FrontPage), SourceSafe, NDM, FTP, PGP, SOAP, Silver ‎Stream, CA Products (all tools for the mainframe), JCL, JES, Metrics-Reporting/Dashboards, Internet ‎Proficient, Diagnostic tools, Security, SharePoint, PeopleSoft, Data Warehousing/BI: ‎Agile/Teradata/Informatica, DSS, AI, More Technical Skills Available.‎


Raleigh, NC

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Raleigh, NC