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Carroll A. Coleman 11105 Surry Woods Ct. Fredericksburg Virginia, 22407-5066 (540)-786-0017 Objective: Seeking an Engineering position in Project (Systems Engineering) Management, Design Engineering, Test and Evaluation, Project Research, Security Engineering, or Data Link Communication Systems, or C4I Information Systems. My desire is to work with a highly motivated engineering team in project management, systems (integration), fleet engineering, Engineering Consulting or Project Engineering Analyst. Foreign policy task (flight mission test) is an option. Education: Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering, A&T State University, Greensboro, NC. (GPA 3.0 - 08/18/1980) Minor: Solar Energy/Mathematics Focus Emphasis: Electrical Engineering Honorary Mechanical Engineering Fraternity Participant in the NAVY Education Programs Good Communication and Networking Skills Team builder Excellent Team Player Security Clearance: TS (TOP SECRET) – To be updated. Professional Work Experience: • Naval Sea Commands (Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division) • Provided analysis in the SLBM System with over 20 plus years experience in the Dynamic & Trajectory Analysis. • Supported the Computation and Analysis Department tasks of analyzing existing and advanced Submarine Launch Ballistic Missile (SLBM) system, including systems concepts and develop simulations of the total system: research, formulated, and test mathematical models that simulate existing and advanced SLBM System. Analyze and develop weapon systems; optimization and effectiveness techniques, including nuclear effects, target selection, sequencing, algorithms, fuzing and firing subsystems. Develop and maintain engagements models and strategic targeting mission planning, software related to nuclear effects; analyze vehicle performance capabilities, effective deployment and limitations; support future fire control development with studies to evaluate the applications of "leading edge" modeling and simulation techniques. Future Systems Analysis and Research – 10 yrs • Duties: Support the study and analysis of Rigid Body Offsets, high fidelity fuze trade-offs, testing and modeling and simulation of the re-entry body and total missile performance. Managed small technical tasks. Served as technical engineer and provided outstanding project leadership . 1 of 2 Dynamic & Trajectory Analysis Group - 17 yrs • Duties: Responsible for development and maintenance of: reference object oriented trajectory simulation, SIX Degree of Freedom, UWL Models, Targeting Models, Gas Dynamic Models and Scientific Visualization (Graphics). Provided assistance to the Strategic Targeting Branch/Targeting Systems Group to support the analysis on real trajectories. • Maintained a Trident Three Degree (3DOF) and Six Degree of Freedom (6DOF) trajectory simulation model. • Supported the level effort of work in a defined Guidance and Analysis Team at NSWCDD. Assisted in making permanent changes in the 6DOF model. • Supported and studied work in the Advanced Weapons Systems Simulation (AWSS) studies: velocity measurement, sonar error model studies, submarine's motion model (developed by the Naval Ship Research and Development Center), and the submarine's navigation error. • Trained (over 20 years) personnel in coding, testing and modeling. Accomplished many tasks of programming, flowcharting, performance analysis, and overall processes associated with trajectory simulation development and performance data fictionalization techniques. (A beginning and ending process.) • Responsible for maintaining the operational status of dynamic structural analysis on a composite readome, use by the Navy to cover and protect Radars on SURFACE SHIPS. Supported Dahlgren's Special Project Branch. Communicated work progress and efforts with developers (Lockheed Martin in San Francisco). Project leadership, fleet integration, fleet operations and mission control. Cooperative Ballistic Missile Defense Research Project. • • • Managed project guidelines, schedules and technical review. Re-evaluated all projects for lessons learned and quick assessment of project (time) management. Technical Project Liaison/Project Leadership: NSWCDD technical COTR under the Small Business Contract (NSWCDD/NEAR) Technical Project Team Lead/Mentoring and Coaching Engineering Team Support/Special Projects (Top Secret Projects) Hardware/Software: VAX-1170, VAX-6000, DGS/CDC/SGI Systems Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Finances, FORTRAN, and BASIC References: Available Upon Request. \\\ 2 of 2 Carroll A. Colema

Aerospace Engineer

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Aerospace Engineer

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