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RssSupervisor ADPE Lead IT Division ITT Industries ( Afghanistan )

Anthony Marsano Atadero 8350 East Rockfort Ranch Road Hereford Arizona 85615 (520) 366 - 0311 Home (079) 315 - 7201 Cell E-mail: Education: Kelsey Jenney College at Mira Mar California: AA Computer Engineering. 2001 Kelsey Jenney College at Mira Mar California: Diploma of Computer Maintenance. MCSE, A+, IASO, SA/NM, ARCERT SWA Certified. Ventura College at Ventura California: Minor in Criminology Administrative Justice. (24 units). Security Clearance: Highest level of clearance was top secret (TS)/Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI). Currently hold a TS clearance. Software: Pure Edge, Active Client 6.0, Tumbleweed ( All DOD Aps.) Operating Systems: Windows NT Server 4.0, Win 2000 Server/Pro, Win9x, Win 2003 Server/ Exchange, XP Home / ME / Pro, HP, Solaris. Network Protocols: TCP/IP, IPX Database: MS SQL Server, Access LAN/WAN: DNS, HTTP, SNMP, SMTP, NIPR / SIPR. Hardware: Servers, Workstation, Laptops. CPU’s: INTEL, AMD. Networks: Cisco ( LAN and WAN ) Routers, Cisco and 3com Layer-3 Switches,10/100 and Gigabit Ethernet. Storage: SCSI, IDE, RAID, SANS Storage Racks: 4 to 6 Layer Dell Server Racks, With Complete UPS Backup Power System Range 20min to 5hr. Also Complete Tape Data Drive for Backups. 2010 – Present ITT Industries - IT Division Kandahar, Afghanistan: Sys. Admin./ADPE Lead GS12 Responsibilities Included: My Duties entail Supervisor of the ADPE team for Kandahar 550 Signal Company Joint Forces Compound in Afghanistan. I direct and execute management system and architecture engineering functions on a variety of ADPE platforms hosting several different operating systems. Modification to user accounts and profiles, file system maintenance, software installation, licensing, as well as providing on –call technical support to engineering of critical operations. Review network service requirements, identify and install appropriate ADPE solutions; develop installation requirements, test / verification procedures, and establish configuration control of new system; Perform daily processing and archiving, manage and maintain backups, carry out restores of client servers Exchange storage groups also workstations. 2004 – 2010 ITT Industries TAC-SWA (Iraq) Balad, IRAQ: Server/Systems Administrator GS12 Responsibilities Included: Management of Worldwide Network and Systems (Windows 2000 and XP, Unix) Dedicated (Fiber and Satellite ) Lines to Asia, Europe, and the USA. T1 and DSL Domestically. Constructed and Installed 1 Terabyte of SCSI Disk Subsystems for Internal Windows and UNIX Systems. Supervised Soldiers LNO’s and instructed them how to operate and maintain Security for their units Integrity, and Operational Safety. 2003 – 2004 FC Business Systems Ft Huachuca AZ, Server/Systems Administrator GS12 Responsibilities Included: Technical and Personal Management of DOD Databases and Servers. Checking the compliance of IAVA standards before personnel are able to connect to the DOD Network, or (STIG). Lan/Wan Hardware & Software Design & Implementation. Performance monitoring & tuning of Win and Unix Systems. Evaluation of all future Hardware & Software Systems. Installation and Management of all Layered Products. Development of DOD Network Systems Standards, and all installation of Windows or Unix Operating Systems / Product Installations. All systems of 9th Signal BN. Conus T- NOSC Department of the ARMY. 1997 – 2001 United States Army 9D03P US Calvary Airborne Scout ( Recon ) Special Operations Unit JRTC Ft. Polk La, Delta 1/509th Airborne. Responsibilities Included: The use of Military Tactics for the unit’s scouts and light Armor. Movement Concealment and Navigation for all units including aviation. Training of dismounted movement with CQC/SRT Teams, Airborne ops, Tracking, use of TTS systems (Tactical Thermal Sights). Repelling, Survival Tactics, Maintenance and Repair of Sensitive Items, Use of SINGARS, Codes and Decoding, Fills, ANCD, Call for Support Fire, Search and Rescue, Training of foreign weapon systems, Advanced Training of U.S. Weaponry. Trained in use of all wheeled Vehicles and Tracked vehicles, Advanced course in Tactical movement and concealment also react to contact from ground and air. 2000 – 2001 United State Army 95B Military Police Irvine, California. 314 M.P.BN. & 6632 M.P.BN. Responsibilities Included: Patrol of Garrison units and port docks. Instructor of small arms & crew serve weaponry, And of PVS-7B, 7D, 14. Use of Tow Systems. Instruct Soldiers of PMCS of there vehicle also to Combat load. Technical Courses: MCSE, A+, Computer Maintenance Diploma IASO, SA/NM, ARCERT SWA Certified Network & Security Design TCP/IP Internal & Troubleshooting Windows 2000 Server Migration Windows 2000 Active Directory Windows 2000 PRO, 2003 Server, XP PRO, Information Assurance Officer Cert. Course (IASO, Systems Administrator /Network Manager Security Course. ( SA/NM) ARCERT SWA Level 3 DITYVAP Course Military Course: Ammo Handler and Transportation Ft. Polk La, Hazmat Rescue and Recovery Team Ft. Polk, Combat Life Saver Course Ft .Polk La, Asst. Range Master 3Yrs. Range Master 2 Yrs. Ky /La/Ca. Cert. And Licensed on 4x4, 6x6, M-3A2 Bradley, M-1A2 Abrams, Wheeled Vehicles and Tracked Armor. Airborne School Ft. Benning Recon AIT-School Ft. Knoxs Advanced Driving & Tactics Ft. Knoxs Sniper School FT. Polk, La. Expert Infantry Badge Ft. Polk

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Hereford, AZ

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