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I worked one year on soluble proteins expression by Bac-to- Bac system (baculovirus/insect cells), E. coli by large scale and proteins purification by FPLC with Dr. Chiu in Department of Biochemistry Health Science Center, Louisiana State University. I worked about 15 years in the laboratory of Dr. Brian A Federici at UCR on the molecular biology of baculoviruses and ascoviruses. I have solid scientific knowledge and exhaustive of experiences in areas of virology, immunology, molecular biology and microbiology. In Dr. Brian A. Federici’s laboratory, I used the gene engineering technical to enhance toxic of pesticide in which I made over 10 recombinant viruses, such as that baculovirus carried neurotoxin gene came from spider, scorpion and mite separately. On the research of ascoviruses, I found that ascovirus manipulated apoptosis for viral reproduction and histone like protein that was DNA binding protein. These articles were published in the highly recognized journals, such as “Gene & Development” and “Journal of Virology”.


New Orleans, LA

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New Orleans, LA