Dimitriy M

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Brooklyn, NY

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PROFILE: 18 years of total IT experience. 12 years in Oracle Database Experience. 6 years in Sybase/MS SQL Server Experience. 5 years in DB2UDB Experience. Accomplishments: As a Senior Database Developer developed and implemented and was responsible for support, maintenance of new functionality for Corporate Operational Risk - Legal Compliance & Regulatory (Risk/Control/Self-Assessment - RCSA-ORCIT) application. 1. Responsible for design and development of schema's objects (logical and physical design) based on analysis of various Oracle schemas and documentations, provided by business users. 2. Created Tables (Partitioned and Non-partitioned)/External Tables/Indexes/ for massive loads of data. 3. Created PL/SQL Stored Packages, PL/SQL Stored Procedures, PL/SQL Stored Functions and PL/SQL Batches/ SQL*Loader processes and SQL Queries that produced massive amount of data. 4. Created Views/Materialized Views and Historical Snapshots tables as well as a regular historical data tables. 5. Created SQL ad-hoc queries and develop reports to support business needs on user request 6. Produced varicose Process-Risk-Control and Risk Assessment Standard Reports. 7. Created ability to perform dynamic reporting for analysis, calibration and executive level reporting and access to historical assessment data to support execution and thematic analysis. 8. Tuned SQL queries to minimize CPU output for Application process and Reporting solutions. 9. Automated all data transmission, loads and report creation utilizing Auto-Sys R4/R11 UBS scheduler system, incorporating scheduled jobs (JILL files). 10. Evaluated, and implemented detailed business, functional, and non-functional technical requirements (including recovery, security, data volumes, performance and audit) 11. Reviewed Data process programs and application SQL&PL/SQL code to resolved business issues within a timely manner 12. Provided technical documentation of all new/changed database objects and tuned loading processes. 13. Created INFORMATICA Mappings/Sessions/Workflows design and objects to populate RCSA-Reporting Database. 14. Maintain communication with business area to ensure project timelines are being met Environment: Oracle 11.2G Exadata, Toad 11.9 /Linux/Windows/Auto-Sys R11/INFORMARICA 9.6. Dec 2014 - Jul 2015 Emblem-Health, NY Senior Database Developer (Contract)





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