Richard R

Real Estate Project Executive, 25 years experience,sustainable large scale project experience,


Construction manager


Dallas, TX

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To continue a career creating places people live, work and play that build community and social awareness, have a positive impact environmentally, and provide individual fulfillment, while achieving overall success and profitability; the quadruple bottom line. Where my education and experience will enhance and benefit coworkers, clients and the company.


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• The move from the Rhein Interests to Crosland increased the budgets development responsibilities from the Palisades ($68mil) to Whitewater ($96mil). • Completed construction of the Whitewater Center Parkway, a 6.5 mil financed through a public private partnership, 3 months ahead of schedule and within budget. • Project manager for The Palisades, Phases 1-6; the 3rd highest selling community in the Charlotte North Carolina region, and recognized for environmental excellence. • Reduced plan review time and construction grading by 26% for phase 1 and 2 at Whitewater by utilizing computerized modeling for plan development. • Reduced construction clearing, used recycled aggregate, and reused mulch from clearing operations realizing a $75,000 saving for the Whitewater Parkway Project. • Responsible for the design, programming, plan development and served as the owners representative for a registered LEED project. • Successfully secured construction contracts for Phase 1, Whitewater producing the lowest per liner foot costs for any current Crosland Land Division projects. • Co-wrote a web-based erosion control inspection-reporting program used at the Palisades. The utilization of this program saved $700,000.00 dollars by providing documentation used in the defense of an EPA fine. • Developed a technology based paperless green marketing plan that reduced the marketing budget by $956,000.00. • Performance rating of above peer group for 20 out 22.5 years while serving the Ohio Army National Guard as an Engineer.

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• Develop a land use plan consistent with the zoning approvals • Develop architectural guidelines, environmental programming, technology programming, and the community amenity package. • Develop, execute and maintain project schedule and provide progress reports. • Prepare, cash flows, estimates, budgets, funding requirements, approve disbursements, and submit monthly status reports. • Conduct negotiations to eliminate obstacles to the purchase, development, and sale of land, buildings and rights of way.. • Plan, organize, and direct the development of engineering, landscape, and architectural plans for horizontal and vertical projects. • Evaluate construction methods and determine the cost-effectiveness of plans to ensure projects meet schedules and budgets constraints. • Prepare bid documents, write RFP’s, negotiate contracts, and manage change orders with consultants, contractors, vendors, and suppliers. • Obtain all necessary permits, licenses, and coordinate with regulatory agencies. • Build and maintain strong relationships between supervisory personnel, owners, contractors, and design professionals by facilitating weekly construction meetings. • Develop, implement, and monitor quality control and safety programs., to ensure compliance with building, safety, and other regulatory codes • Develop a communication plan to maintain and strengthen relationships with stakeholders, government agencies, regulators, and clients. • Conduct due diligence, feasibility studies, appraisal reports, and make recommendations for land under consideration for purchase and development. • Negotiate contracts for the purchase of land for development. • Plan, organize, and direct the development and implementation of marketing and public relations to ensure project sales goals. • Provide expert technical advice on environmental issues to stakeholder, clients, vendors, staff, and owner/developer. • Act as the representative of the Owner / Developer during meeting, presentations and in the conduct of daily business. • Develop individualized professional development programs and provide performance feedback for project staff. • Establish a community homeowner's association and monitor the financial management, social, and activity programming, and attend annual meetings