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Dear sir My name is maged nasr,40 years old, I am a new emmigrant to the USA and I am looking for a job meets my interest or related to what i have been doing back in Egypt. I am working now as a Swedish tour guide in Egyptology also that means that I can Arabic, English,Swedish and some Italian ( primo levelo) and some Danish. My work is to explain any monument es of Egypt also I have some researches of my Owens well not only that but I was responsible for tourist safety specially if we were on safari.explaining all monument es in Egypt pyramid es, Sphinx..etc as a Egyptology i have also me Owen steadies and researches, handling any kind of problem might happen from arrival time to departure time Working to have a good imp ration about Egypt so they will came back with their Friends also having a personnel communication with tourist after leaving I always act as a father or leader to them it depend es on what is needed understanding each one of them from the first 5 minutes of arrival....etc Before i was a station manger for limo service at Sinai, sh arm El sheik and I had to train new staff,do all pepare work,handling banking work due to my position,opining new locations and search for new location too.etc..... That is some of it so If you sir have something related to this so please mail me and I am able to relocate in Orlando for example i do believe their is tourism their. So sir in case of you found this qualification intersting please, send mail to me. Thank you Maged nasr 0020164142430 2014333240

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