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Check in patients for there exams. Schedule patients for mammograms,dexasans,ultasounds,mri's,ct scans,hip injections,arthrograms,upper gi's,small bowel,nuclular medican. I also will schedule a patient if they have or we have a order for a regular x-ray. Shedule instacare patients the same day. Do a call report on all intacare patients for when there done with the exam the Radiologist will contact the doctor and tell them what is wrong with the patient and the doctor will take to the patient before they leave our buliding. If they need more exams done we will schedule them right away for the next day. I pull mammogram folder for the day before and get them ready for the tech. I call mammogram and mri patients and remind them about there appointment for the next day. When a satchel somes in I hurray up and get that ready for the doctor to read so the patient can find out what is wrong with them 1 hour or less when the radiologist reads there films. We will do compare films if the patients bring them in and we are doing that same exam .

Customer Service Representative

Salt Lake City, UT

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Customer Service Representative

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Salt Lake City, UT