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Certified Nursing Assistant - 17 years experience - Home-Health - Pediatric


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Missouri City, TX

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La Ronda Shaw 3927 Pleasant Run CT - Fresno, TX 77545 - 2813029486 I have experience in hospitals as a CNA. I have worked Emergency Room, New Born Nursery, Pedi Unit, Med-Surge, Orthopedic, Rehabilitation, One on One, I took care of patients and did Vital Signs, ADL, Intake-Outputs, Communication, Glucose monitoring for Diabetic Patients, Change Diapers, Feedings, Patient Charting. I am interested in working in a Hospital, Clinic or for some one in the home. I enjoy taking care of people of all ages, it's my hearts desire. Add Experience Work Experience Edit | × USPS, Mail Room Clerk United States Postal Service - Fresno, TX August 2013 to February 2014 Responsibilities Processing and Distributing. Sort mail Sort Packages and mail in carts. Scan packages for count on how many I have. Scan package when delivering so it will be removed of DIAD. Customer courtesy. Accomplishments Do job in a safe and professional and timely manner. Ability to pass the USPS 473 Test with a passing score. Skills Used Address Correction. Zip Code. Prioritizing Mail & Packages. Incoming & Outgoing Mail. Professional Manners DIAD Machine. Golf Cart. Edit | × Care Giver Homehealth - Pearland, TX January 2011 to October 2012 I took care of a infant that was one years old that was born with Down Syndrome. I did Range of Motion on him, Feeding, Bathing, Medications, Stimulations Techniques. My skills as a CNA were use to help him reach his milestones. My accomplishment was to know when I started the job he could not use his Hands, Feet's, or Crawl. I taught him to feed himself in a high chair. I taught him how to crawl and how to sit up with out falling over. I taught him to how a crayon in his hand to color in a coloring book. I brought joy to my heart to see his dad cry to know his son could do these things, he once thought he would never do. I love what I do and the smile and love this child showed me. Edit | × CNA Memorial Herman Southeast Hospital - Houston, TX January 1999 to January 2002 Patient care assist them with their Activities of Daily Living, Vital Signs, Glucose Monitoring for Diabetic Patients, Intake & Output, Bathing, Feeding, Charting, Communicating, Change Diapers for adults and babies, Write down every 15 minute what patient was doing on a one on one, Help RN when she needed my assistance. My skills are the ability to handle emergency situations in a instant that want upset the patient or their family members. Knowing that I give 100% to my patients everyday at work, loving what I am doing. Knowing my patients have recovered and are being discharged is pleasing knowing I took part in their recovery! Being able to work as a team in the hospital and helping one another to make sure the patient is safe at all time also we as worker is always a accomplishment. Edit | × CNA Baywind Village - League City, TX March 1998 to December 2000 Worked with patients in this nursing home. Helping them with their ADL's. Bathing, Feeding, Hair, Nails, Vital Signs, Communication, Monitoring the Blood Sugar, Wound Care, my accomplishment was knowing I put a smile on my patients face and took care of them as if they were my own family members. Edit | × CNA Christus St Johns Hospital - Nassau Bay, TX February 1998 to 1999 Certified Nursing Aide. I have worked in many different departments of this hospital. I worked in the SNF Unit, Med-Surge Unit, Pediatric Unit, Orthopedic Unit, Rehabilitation Unit, Emergency Room, New Born Nursery. I had the pleasure of taking care of patients ADL's and Vital Signs, Glucose Monitoring, Feedings, bathing, Changing Diapers, Monitoring patients progress, Intake & Outputs, One on One's with aggressive patients and charting down every 15 minutes on the patient. My accomplishment were learning to work in all the different departments. Also seeing the patients get well and knowing I had apart of them feeling better and going home with their love ones. Edit | × CNA Manor Health Nursing Home - Spring, TX February 1996 to August 1998 My accomplishment for this job was, This is where I took CNA classes and worked hand and hand with the RN and was taught by a wonder Director all my skills to become certified by the State if Texas. I was tested by The State of Texas for my CNA certification. I passed my Clinical's and my written test. I was the Honor Student in my class. I then continue to work here as a CNA where I took care of patients that were bed ridden and also patients the were ambulatory. I use the Hoya Lift for heavy patient getting them out of bed into a Jerry Chair, I also did Vital Signs, Baths, Feeding, Charting, Dressing, Intake & Outputs. Also assist patients with whatever they needed. Edit | × UPS Driver Helper UPS - Stafford, TX October 2013 Responsibilities I made deliveries to home in the UPS truck, I also worked along making deliveries in Royal Oaks Country Club use a golf cart. I work the DIAD Machine to scan packages also to get customers signature when required for certain packages. I also communicate with the dispatcher using the DIAD machine. Accomplishments I enjoyed working with the customers delivering packages. An doing my job as a seasonal worker. An I was a good employee at ups never missing a day. I received good reviews from the manager over the UPS Drivers and from the driver I worked with everyday. Skills Used Able to deliver packages in a safe and professional manner. Ability to lift up to 50lbs. Ability to put mail and packages into correct zip code for delivery. Scan packages. Use DIAD Add Education Education Edit | × Certification from The State of Texas for CNA in Nursing Manor Health Nursing Clasd - Spring, TX 1997 to 1999 Edit | × CNA in Nursing Manor Health Nursing Class - Spring, TX 1997 Skills Edit Certified Nursing Aide, Caregiver Add Link Links Edit | × Add Certification Certifications Edit | × Texas Department Of Human Services Nurse Aide Registry Certificate Number: NA0070750 Issue Date: 12 / 17 / 1997 Social Security Number: ***/**/2845 USPS Test Certification Issue 11/01/2013 Edit | × USPS Process & Distribute Mail. Mailroom Clerk. Customer Service. All USPS skills for the 473 Postal Exam Test I have passed. Additional Information Edit I am a passionate person who takes pride in working with people of all age and helping them feel better. I understand and have compassion for the sick and love to see them get better knowing I took part in their recovery. I am a team player and I get along with everyone. I have the ability to be a good Mailroom Clerk or work at the USPS branch post office to process, sort, deliver mail to customers in office or homes. Work in Mailroom.