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RssHuman Resources Generalist - Personnel Management 17 years experience - Government positions

Career Objective; Experience: More than 25 years experience in personnel, administration and information management to include knowledge of policies and procedures, evaluation processes, employee counseling and reports management. Cross-trained in Personnel Actions Technician while service as Contact Representative, Supervisor. Ability to research, questions and obtain pertinent information to solve management and operations issues. Exceptional training and leadership skills with the ability to unify and guide large groups of personnel toward common goals. Expertise in managing several tasks simultaneously with few interruptions in the organizational flow of data or personnel. Open on ground floor during the computer age or new computers into the work force during the mid to late 1980’s and was able to become one of the person learning and teaching employees different software programs and how to write programs, to be able to us everyday on fiscal fee control points. Administration and Office Management: Provided administrative support for over 5000 military personnel, 3000 civilians at Fitzsimons Army Medical Center, Aurora Colorado. Submitted required monthly counseling to all Transitional Soldiers from the Army, Retirement Services from medical to length of service retirements, Casualty Duty Officer to soldiers families during a very unpleasant time of a loss veteran / soldier. We would help spouses of the soldier to apply for all benefits throughout the government and burial of the soldier and to award the American Flag to the designated spouse for family member, to helping the spouses apply to colleges to resettling throughout the world. This would include quarterly, monthly, and yearly reports, awards, leaves to disciplinary personnel actions. Have been in many Multi Task Personnel Management and Administrative Assistant position’s while employed within my past 28 years of service. Budget and Finance: In charge of eight (08) control points at Columbus Veterans Affairs Outpatient Clinic with a valued in excess on $350.000.00 per year. And while employed at Veterans Administration, Washington, D.C. with duty station Black Hills National Cemetery, Sturgis, South Dakota, with a Valued in excess of $500.000.00, Ensured accurate and timely processing of over finance actions with no late transactions. Processed finance actions in the Fee Services to include Travel Pay, Pharmacy, Fee Doctors monthly payment and Veterans requests were handled without errors. Requisition and Procurement: Purchased office equipment to include Fax, Scanner, Copier Machine, Laser Jet Printers, Digital Camera, Video Cam Recorder, Hewlett Packard XP 2000 Computers, Phones, and while at Black Hills National Cemetery Ensured a Backhoe Tractor 4X4 , Dump Truck 4X4, 4 door Sedan, to include an above ground Gas and Diesel Storage Tank, were all procured during that Fiscal year. Purchased materials and equipment while remaining within the budget established by the Veterans Affairs Resource Management. US Army, Military Railway Movement Coordinator, and Military Railway Locomotive Engineer Operator Courses completed in January 1987 and May 1987, for the Military Railway Operations Crewmember Course: Also: Associated Training Services Network (ATS), Heavy Equipment Training The Railway Operations Crewmember Supervises and / or Operates diesel-Electric Locomotives and related equipment. I served as crewmember and brakeman in makeup and movement of railway cars / trains; and I dispatched trains thru operations of railway stations, railway signals and switches and controls train movement. There are a total of 4 skill levels I performed. From Level 1: I interpreted train orders. Executed instructions received from signal towers, switches, other trains and trainmen. Signals with fuses, torpedoes, hands signals, flags, lamps and engine whistles. I performed car coupling and uncoupling operations. Inspected cars at route stops, adjusts lashing and bracing to assure safe hauling of cargo. Advised dispatcher of arrival and departure times for all passing trains, compiled records of locations of all rolling stock. Performed lubrication orders on railway cars and made minor running repairs. Sealed cars and recorded seal numbers. From Level 2: Supervised and provided technical guidance to subordinates performing their duties. Operated the Locomotive’s controls and safety appliances. Observed and interpreted, and executed instructions received from signal towers, switches, and other trains and trainmen. Coordinated train movement, complied with operating timetable, rulebooks and other specific instructions. Received requisitions for empty cars and authorized movements to locations for loading. Complied and performed reports for each trip and turns in locomotive inspection report showing equipment defects which required corrections. From Level 3: I supervised handling, classification and switching of cars and trains in railway yards, maintains records of daily movement of cars. Writes and transmit train orders, kept crews informed of changes inroad conditions and schedules. I reviewed the operations and inspected the reports. I investigated train schedule delays and recommended corrective action. I assigned locomotive operators and crewmen. From Level 4: I established liaison with using agencies and representative of civilian and military railroads. Supervised receipt and transmission of telephonic and computer (& telegraphed) messages relating to train movements. Reviewed time sheets to keep abreast of each scheduled train passing through your territory. I investigated accidents and unusual operating incidents and recommended corrective actions. I assisted in providing staff supervision of subordinate unit railway operating activities. And one of the Major duties of the Military Railroad Senior Sergeant was the too supervises maintenance-of-way, maintenance of equipment, technical expert on all matter relating to railway operations. Maintains records of strength, location, employment of railway personnel and equipment. Coordinates operation and administrative activities. Advises on all matters related to railway operations, and equipment repair, maintenance-of-way. Edits and prepares training material, prepares consolidated, reviews, and processes regular and special reports of command railway activities. Services as principal non-commissioned officer in railway operation unit and maintenance-of-way or repair units and operations sections of railway battalion or higher headquarters. Additionally, must be able to supervise and perform duties of Locomotive Engineer Operator, Locomotive Repairer, Railway Section Repairer, and Railway Operations Crewmember.

Human Resource Training Specialist

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Human Resource Training Specialist

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