Jacques F

Laboratory Technician - 20 Years of Experience - Near 02745


Materials Scientist


New Bedford, MA

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ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Mechanical Design and Testing. Designed various machine parts for tensile testing application to facilitate the company' existing test method for footwear product such as foam, rubber, and fabrics. This test method is used to measure the energy characteristics of different material. Machine Design. Designed a machine to conduct R&D test evaluation on spineless golf shoes for various surfaces. Materials analysis and application. Identified the required viscosity for coating arterial stints by researching cardiothane materials, which the company used for production. Devices were sold to hospitals and other medical institutions. Equipment Management. Responsible for managing quality for ninety-eight pieces of equipment and measuring devices, assured compliance with ISO 9000 requirements. Completed report 3-6 months intervals for Senior Quality Manager of Testing Auditing. Performance Testing. Conducted angioplasty testing, using pressure testing and adhesion testing. Represented the company in England to research and test $40,000.00 machine used to conduct "Slip Test resistance evaluation" conditions of footwear. Company purchased machine after completion of testing to ensure product safety. Experienced with mechanical design principles for gauge design, design for manufacturability, statistical analysis for test method validations & problem solving. * Excellent report writing and documentation skills for publishing technical processes, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and test methods. Ability to synthesize validation steps, results, recommendations and summary. * Proficient in Microsoft excel, word, Statistical software (JMP, SAS or other) May- 13 To Feb. -15 Material Science Engineer Consultant Reviewing applications for certain Polymers * Non-Engineering related work Post related Degree Material Test Tech. Plastic & Rubber Application. * Material Science Engineer Consultant * Quality Process Technician. * Metal and Carbon Fiber Application. A An Organ Transportation Co Mechanical Research Engineering. Responsibility for supporting areas associated with development. * Research & Development of Pumps Assisting Devices to facilitate Organ Transport. * Research & Development of existing Vessel-Equipment Modification. * Testing Evaluation of Organ transporting Equipment. * Data Collection of all test evaluation. * Test equipment Mechanical Electronic (Hand tools i.e., indicators, Block Gauges Comparators Micrometer-Vernier Oscilloscope etc. * Assembly, Inspecting Blueprint Schematic etc. * Equipment & Tools purchasing and Machinery installation. * Test method development and application, maintenance, repairing machinery. * Calibrating all laboratory Test equipment to qualify for the continuance of their GDP GMP and ISO 9000 Certification. Footwear manufacturing company affiliated with Reebok Corporation International


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