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RssQuality Manager/Director - Management Representative / ISO9001:2008

1. Describe your top 3 skills, duration of experience with them, and the rating of your skill level (Strong, Medium, Light). I consider my top three skills as defined in the following areas: • (Strong) First, in Management Leadership and Administrative execution especially in the Quality arena with over 25 years at Management level, • (Strong) Secondly, in the Technical Knowledge and Applications of Quality programs and Corporate agendas, implementing and applying these over 27 years, and • (Strong) Thirdly, Hands-On capabilities to perform the Quality sciences and tactfulness in building and training teams for over 28 years. 2. What is your current motivation to look for new employment? I am very passionate about my Quality Career and intend to continue therein. I am actively pursuing a full-time opportunity for the Lead Quality Person as opposed to short durations of consulting. 3. Describe what your ideal position would be, whom you would report to and any projects you would be working on? (In order for us to better understand your career aspirations please be as detailed as possible). My ideal position is Senior Executive Quality Director. I would report directly to the President and/or CEO. My projects are to continue in the management and implementation of both ‘world class’ Quality Management Systems (QMS) and corporate agendas at all levels (see point 9). These would be developed by senior management, me and established teams. We as a team will set achievable goals, design the measurable for each process input, and use its data in order to continuously improve the outputs. I would also implement a win-win training program for corporate and individual growth where the organization is impacted by its personnel, and, personnel are rewarded for their positive impact. 4. List the three most challenging things about your current or last position and what you did to overcome them? The three most challenging things about my last opportunity are as follows: • First, my objective was to design a tailored QMS to a service oriented organization (outside the manufacturing arena which I am custom to). In order to achieve this I scheduled round-table discussions in order to get input of how the business operated, what regulatory requirements where applicable, what licensed, certified or other specific qualifications needed to be put in place, where it wanted to go, how to measure it, and to develop the procedural guidelines. • Secondly, I then developed training programs tailored specifically to assigned tasks and their procedural guidelines, management review and HR employee criteria to meet any services the organization performed. • Thirdly, the QMS was fully implemented (primarily in the field) and was audited by assigned personnel against the established Assessment Criteria and reviewed for conformance and improvement. The needed tools for the application/implementation would be different for ‘service to service’ provided. 5. How far are you willing to Travel to and from work? Are you willing to relocate? I do not want to travel more than 25 miles to work. I am willing to relocate provided it would be a paid relocation. 6. Describe what made you a success in your current or previous position? My success is attributed to my 28 years of Quality experience, quality education, mentors, and career opportunities that allowed for innovation, change, team development and executive backing. What is your current compensation (Include bonus and incentives)? What are your salary expectations for your next position? My current salaries vary per project and its duration. For full-time career opportunities, I am considering a field-based career salary of 70K min. My goal 90k. 7. What has to happen in order for you to perform at your highest level? To perform my highest I would need the right opportunity, supply of the needed tools (hard/soft), development of a team, educational development (improvement skills) and executive backing. 8. What has been search activity in the last 3 to 6 months? Please include companies you have submitted your resume to along with any companies you may have interviewed at. (This will help our efforts in duplication of companies) In order not to divulge confidential information working with recruiting head-hunters, I am unable to accommodate you with companies’ information. However, I can assure you that opportunities you may provide will not be duplicated due to regional and state differences of those whom I am working with. As far as my activity, I am pursuing that Quality Director opportunity or executive management level full-time opportunity. 9. What is your two, five, ten-year career plan? • My two year plan is to achieve Lead Auditor Certification for ISO9001:2008 and any other regulatory requirements pertinent at the time. • My five year plan is to achieve Lean Six-Sigma Green-Belt status implementing quality programs during this time that can result in corporate Quality Cost improvements. • My 10 year goal is to have made great impacts on the organization I am with and obtaining the Malcolm Baldridge Award (among other world class and certified supplier services).

Quality Manager

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