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Ross Store,DD's Discounts,Sacramento, CA 95841- Administrative cashier (2006-2009). Recorded store's business transactions and retained all accounting records; reconciled the actual pick-up amount of the each cash register with the expected pick-up amount of the cash; identified the net customers' charges of the retail sale from the shortage and overage and prepared daily deposits to the bank; ordered the X-change money in the bank for replenishment of the cash change (manual cash service). Joint Uzbek-Korean Enterprise UZ Best Co., Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Para-accountant, International Trade Department. Performed administrative and managerial functions, including such as taking responsibilities for the company's staff, budget, stockholders' documentation, and long-range goals; analyzed for the cost effectiveness of producing cotton. Conducted the serveys and controlled that the copmpany'ss policies and procedures are adequate with changing international laws and regulations. Oversaw the entire accounting process under the accrual basis of accounting; strong internal control over the source business documents (contracts, customs declarations, invoices to suppliers, check payments and remittances of currencies for the shipments, payroll payments). Reported all the financial statements and dealt with the governmental agencies. Politex, Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Bookkeeper (2000-2002). Worked for a company that has provided the detailed cost estimate calculations for the new construction projects in order to assure that the these culculations are adequate with the state standards. Executed accounting records which included general accounting, computing of the cost of the performed efforts, payroll with the checking supplies, taxation, reconciliation accounts payable, accounts receivable, expences with the banking statements, and budget allocation; strong internal control over payroll payments and cash teceipts. Reported the all financial statements and dealt with the governmental agencies. Prepared subcontractors with the contracted research specialists. Daewoo C&C, Store Department, Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Merchandise assistant, Administrative Cashier (1998-1999). Assisted the store manager in directing all activities related to customer service, merchandise flow, store maintainance, price changes, shortage prevention and sales support functions. Reported the statement of cash flows. Tashkent Subway, Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Chief Cashier (1997-1998). Promoted good customer service through courtesy and friendliness; ensured accurate and timely processing of all exchanges tokens to cash in accordance with established policies and insurance requirements; followed fraud and pilferage prevention and security procedures; journalized thr records of the cash flow; timely supplied the jettons for the needs of the cach exchange booths and electronic CPP.


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